The Uniform: Noun
For a people who are devoted to freedom and acts of radical self expression, we sure dress alike. Fun-Fur, animal ears, tutus and onesies are on the dress code, baseball caps and logo tee-shirts will get you judged on the esplanade.
The entire concept of The Uniform runs contrary to our stated principles, yet it seems impossible to shake. Many feel that people who don’t dress up are only tourists or lookie-loos, only there for spectacle and not true participants. Too many spectators can make the people who do dress up more self-conscious and ruin the atmosphere of self expression.
Others correctly point out that builders, artists and organizers often work stupidly long hours contributing to the event, and often simply feel more like being comfortable than putting on a tutu and a silly hat, and shouldn’t have to.
There are good arguments on both sides, and the Uniform continues to be one of those discussions that won’t go away.

By Shenanigans

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