That thing in the desert

That thing in the desert. noun. aka TTITD

Bill (standing next to time machine): “Hey Ted. Know what would be excellent? Let’s go to the first Burning Man!”
Ted: “Uhh… dude, what’s Burning Man?”
Bill: “It’s… That thing, you know… in the desert.”
Ted:”OHHH! That thing in the desert! That would be most excellent!”

Burning Man is hard to describe at the best of times. Depending on your perspective, it might be a festival of some music or art variety. It might be described as a party, or a rave, or even a social experiment. Describing it that way doesn’t come close to capturing it though, and other participants will argue against your position based on their perspective. No two people experience the same burn in the same way, and with over 60,000 participants, experiencing it in even a similar way could be difficult.
Free form, participant driven, constantly evolving events are not yet common enough that there is language to describe them, thus “That thing in the desert” is as accurate a description as you are going to get.
~ Shenanigans

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