Trash fence

Trash fence. noun:
Black Rock City’s perimeter is marked by miles and miles of plastic orange storm fencing, laid out in that iconic pentagon. This is the trash fence. It stops most wind blown trash from ending up miles down wind in the open desert.
The Trash Fence, as a location, almost always refers to the far point of the pentagon, directly in line with the 12 O’clock axis. It’s a worthwhile trek in the middle of the night and the farthest you are going to get from the noise and chaos. A great place to look out into the deep dark empty desert, or to watch the sunrise from, it’s a common place for Daft Punk’s art car to stop and do a show, and for the annual Merry Pranksters picnic.

A sign welcomes visitors to That Thing In The Desert. Photo by Keith Harris.

BLACK ROCK CITY, –NOUN, There’s a very old legend that talks about a wonderland of luxuries and pleasures that disappears mysteriously into the dust when the visitor tries to return. Black Rock City, home of the annual Burning Man festival, may be the closest thing humans have made to this mythical place. Located on the playa of the Black Rock Desert, it becomes one of the largest cities in the state for the single annual week of its existence and then fades back into empty desert.

Black Rock City, or BRC, is not just a random assortment of tents and mutant vehicles. It has organized city streets laid out on a grid system. The city is surrounded by a TRASH FENCE which both delineates its territory and helps ensure the event leaves no trace on the surrounding desert. There is an airport and a functioning post office where participants can send and receive snail mail. In addition, visitors can find theme camps acting as bars, pancake stands, yoga studios, massage spas, and dance clubs (among others) all functioning on thegift economy.

Although there is no commerce, Burners pay hundreds of dollars in ticket fees to attend; these are effectively taxes which fund large scale artworks, employ certain core workers of the Burning Man organization, and line the pockets of the Bureau of Land Management and other agents of the default world.

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I know several canny Burners who make it a regular practice to MOOP the trash fence as all kinds of delightful surprises blow away and are caught there.

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