Survival Guide

Survival Guide. noun.
A document that tells you how to keep yourself alive and happy on the playa, or at a well organised regional event.
Survival guides are a no-brainer really. As soon as events are large enough that you can’t reasonably sit everyone down and talk about potential issues over food, you have to start writing them down along with suggestions on how to deal with them.
The survival guide for Burning Man is especially important, the environment there will kill you if you are too careless. Probably the only more inhospitable environment for a burn is the Antarctica regional burn, and they are wise enough to do it indoors.
The thing about the survival guide is, the Vets all read it years ago, and for the most part never looked back. The essentials are all common sense once you’ve gone a few times. The virgins study up on it like their life depends on it. (or they should) But the guide changes. New things are learned. Guidelines become refined. Wood is the worst MOOP.
So often virgins no more about the Survival Guide than the vets, which is kind of embarrassing when you are designing some new costume and the virgin goes “tsk. Feathers?”


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