Sad Art

Sad Art. noun.
Sometimes the art has serious intent, and when you participate in it, or if it draws you in when you are not expecting it, it can make you feel pretty serious too.
The obvious example is the temple, it’s often the most serious place on the playa, where people bring their loss, grief, and pain, take vows, and hold weddings. It’s beautiful and meaningful,and often sad. Not really some place you want to take a drunken rowdy, or accidentally end up on that silly afternoon that you’ve spent giggling with the new crush, but perhaps perfect when you are tired of the oontz oontz, or are questioning the worth and purpose of things.
Sad art can be great, especially when the intention moves and inspires you, and sometimes you need a bit of grounding in the middle of all the craziness.

By Shenanigans

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