Radical Inclusion

Radical Inclusion

This can be expressed in many ways.
Officially it is: Anyone may be a part of Burning Man. We welcome and respect the stranger. No prerequisites exist for participation in our community.
Essentially it’s the idea that everyone is equally welcome at Burn events, no matter how weird.
It doesn’t mean you have to invite everyone or anyone, or that absolutely any behaviour is acceptable. But unless your behaviour is more criminal or outrageously antisocial than most you are welcome.
I express it as Welcome home. All of you, old friends and new, welcome home.

By Shenanigans

RADICAL INCLUSION, –NOUN, Radical Inclusion is the idea that everyone is welcome at That Thing In the Desert and other events which follow the Ten Principles of Burning Man. Though many have commented on the predominantly Caucasian make-up of the Black Rock City population, citizenship is open to all.

This is not limited to just the usual race, creed, color or sexual orientation. Many find a home at Burn events who feel themselves outcasts in the default worldfor countless reasons. Even more so, participants feel free to remove the masks they wear in polite society and share their freakiest, most delightfully deviant selves.

But what are the limits of radical inclusion? Some extreme behaviors, like theft and assault, must be held unacceptable in any healthy community. And just because an event is attended by Burners does not mean it will allow everyone — this is especially true of parties in private homes. This is not discrimination, but the natural formation of social groups and friend circles.  However, this principle still serves to discourage cliquish behavior and encourage the introduction of new blood to older groups.

Like all of the Burner Principles, radical inclusion functions poorly in isolation and works best when used in conjunction with the other nine and a healthy dose of common sense.

From Kit O’Connell’s amazing Burner Lexicon! http://kitoconnell.com/writing/lexicon

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