Porta-potty. noun: Those lines of little blue boxes do not mean there is a Doctor Who theme camp on the corner. (The Doctor always goes to last year, it was better) Those are the potties, your high maintenance special friend for the week.
Porta-potties are one of the rare bits of infrastructure supplied by the organisers. You simply can’t have 50000 participants in the desert and not give them some place to go potty.
They are high maintenance as hell, requiring daily emptying and cleaning to keep ahead of the mess. Gift your porta-potty cleaners. Those guys are the most undergifted people on playa.
Potty etiquette is as follows: If it didn’t come out of your body, don’t put it in the Potty. No beer cans, no candy wrappers, no grey water, nothing but body waste and single ply TP. If the auger gets clogged, somebody has to put their hand in to clear it.
Close the lid. It keeps the smell down.
Don’t hover. There’s always some prissy ass who doesn’t want to sit. 1 minute later, nobody can sit. If everybody sat, it wouldn’t be an issue.
Don’t steal or waste the TP. I friggin hate going down the line of potties looking for the one with tp left. If you want some to carry around with you, buy your own.
Single ply only, available at Wallymart and RV supply stores, breaks down easier and doesn’t clog the auger.
Wear shoes. for your own saftey really.
It bears repeating. Gift the cleaner guys. The potties near my camp seemed cleanest.. Just saying.

By Shenanigans

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