Playasexual – noun: The immediacy of Burning Man naturally leads to exploring new things. Gifts are offered freely; many urge virgins especially to say yes to offers as often as is comfortable. It’s no surprise that, in the charged atmosphere of the playa, this exploration can take a sexual turn as well.
The word playasexual shares a similar construction to other modern slang terms like barsexual. However, in this case the primary impulse behind the new behavior is not inebriation — whatever drugs might be present — but a genuine sense of freedom. No one is likely to judge a person who decides to experiment with cross-dressing, kinky sex, polyamory or encounters with unexplored genders.
Though, regrettably, predators do exist who are willing to take advantage of this atmosphere in destructive ways, the majority of participants will welcome these explorations with a smile and a willingness to teach what they know. Though some are initially attracted by the promise of swag or a new experience, many return to reality camp with their sexual horizons genuinely expanded.

From Kit O’Connell’s amazing Burner Lexicon!

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