Playafied. verb:
Dust coated, for ever. One of the joys of playa dust is how it gets on you and in you and never leaves. Every veteran burner ever has had the experience of cleaning a playfied object over and over, only to have that fine patina of dust return as it dried. It’s maddeningly frustrating, especially when it’s that truck you borrowed from a relative, and promised it’d come back in good shape.
There’s lots of supposedly good techniques out there for getting rid of the dust, and many work to some degree, but at some point you give up and accept that your stuff is playafied for good.

Facebook replies:

  • Merry and then – six months later, you are delighted when you open that trunk or bag – and you are right back on the playa!
  • Toi Box My favourite getting rid of dust technique(on things you can’t just throw in the laundry with vinegar) is “endust’ or a similar furniture polish that is fruit oil based. The hydro carbons actually cling to the dust and help to remove it, while the oil help to condition after a harsh dry alkaline playa. Very successful on leather (use a spray version a toothbrush to get into cracks and seems), somewhat on canvas, not so much on felt. Be prepared for your more porous black materials to forever turn “playa black” which is a slight grey colour or “playa white” which is a really light tan or beige.
  • MizAnna My not-so-minivan is permaplayafied. For clothes, before washing or endusting, I like to take an air compressor to them to blow whatever out that I can. Then clean away and hope for the best!
  • Xray N Vinegar works to a point. I have a couple of shirts that will never be the same

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