Playadipity; noun.
Playadipity is serendipity on the playa, the widely experienced phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for.
The ticket that comes your way at the last minute, the 3 am Karmic pizza, delivered to the deep desert, running into the childhood friend you had no idea was a burner, or the soulmate who turns out to live a block away in RL and becomes your life partner, are fine examples of playadipity.
Playadipity is not the finding of things that you are actively looking for, and it’s especially not the tendencies of some of the filthy fellowship to not provide for themselves and rely on everyone else to feed and shelter them.
Playadipity is often expressed as “The Playa provides.” but the desert is a harsh mistress, and will often provide what you need, not what you want or expect.

By Shenanigans

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