Nudity: noun.
The state or fact of being naked.
At that thing in the desert, or at those things out in the world, you will encounter people who are naked. Try not to be surprised, it happens to all of us occasionally.
For some it’s a natural state, for some it’s an act of radical self expression, some want to be looked at and enjoyed, some would like the freedom to be naked without having to experience your reaction to it. You’ll have to use your judgement and play it by ear.
There is some etiquette around nudity at events for participants on both sides of the clothing fence.
Ask first. This applies to most anything, touching, taking pictures, spanking, anything.
Bring a towel. Don’t sit your sweaty nether parts on my chair, couch, bike seat, or kitchen table.
Get over it. Humans look like that, it’s no big deal. It’s interesting because it’s unusual, but at burner events it’s not that unusual. It’s also not that exciting, or a political act. You want it to mean something sunbathe wall street.
Don’t push it. Telling people they ought/must to be naked is harassment. Telling people they ought not is equally annoying.
Use your judgement, actively look for and respect people’s boundaries, don’t expect to get served at a naked bar unless you are naked, and keep it out of family oriented camps, unless they are explicitly pro-nude.

By Shenanigans

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