Dust Goggles

Dust Goggles. noun.
Dust goggles are a basic, never leave camp without them, necessity. Seriously, never leave camp without them. It’s damn embarrassing to get stuck in a porta-potty because the wind came up strong while you were peeing, and now you can’t make it back to camp.
Dust goggles come in thousands of varieties, from built for the job, aviator, motorcycle, and tank goggles, to ornamental plastic quiddich goggles that’ll mostly do the job in a pinch.
What you want to avoid is something that fits too poorly to keep the dust out, put them on and look for large gaps around the nose and cheeks, feel for gaps around the brows and temples. Small gaps are manageable, large gaps will let the wind blow through and have you pressing your mask into your face all the time.
Also avoid anything that seals too well. If they don’t breathe a bit, they fog up and fill with condensation as you sweat. Swim goggles and masks are out for that reason.
What’s that leave? Anything with a snug but breathable seal. Ski masks are perfect, as are dirt bike goggles. Some folks use plain old workshop safety goggles, and there’s kitchen goggles for cutting onions that are cheep and perfect.
If you are only going with one pair of goggles, don’t go with a dark tint. When the dust is high the sun isn’t a problem, and tinted goggles will leave you blind at night.



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