Drink the Kool-Aid

Drink the Kool-Aid. verb:
The Burnerverse can be exciting, especially when it’s bright, shiny, explody, and new. Sometimes you want it to go on all year. Sometimes you get all excited and go running to that that friend you must share it with, or even all your friends. Sometimes the default world seems pale, boring, and unfriendly in comparison.
If any of things apply to you, congratulations, you may have drank the kool-aid.
An inappropriate reference to the 1978 Jonestown massacre, where 907 cult members died from drinking cyanide laced Flavor-Aid; Drinking the Kool-Aid in the Burnerverse refers to the almost religious enthusiasm that burners can have and serves as a humorous reminder that we can go a little far with our enthusiasm, especially from an outside perspective.
It’s good to get enthusiastic, to jump in with both feet and get involved, go for it to your hearts content. But you may have to reassure your grandmother that it’s not a cult.

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