Doing it Wrong

Doing it wrong. adjective.

2013 update:

As long as you stay generally within the principles, participate, have fun, and survive, there’s no wrong way to burn. After all, creative self expression is high on the list of values.
However, plenty of people will tell you otherwise, mainly ironically, (see fuckery) The appropriate response is the equally ironic, eff your burn.
Occasionally, some burnier-than-thou old timer will forget that creatively making it up as you go along trumps doing it their way, and yell (usually while doing nothing at all ) “You’re doing it wrong”
The appropriate response is almost always “eff you, hippie.” Unless it’s important for a reason that matters to you, or they are going to get off their ass and show you an actual better way, do it your way.

By Shenanigans

Regional Contact addition:

Locally, some of our members took this in a different tangent by reminding people of the following phrase often heard around our events. Generally, if you’re doing it right, observing the principles, participating, respecting boundaries, etc, and therefore not messing with other people’s experience in a destructive way, no one’s going to have to tell you what to do, ie to manage you. It’s a do-ocracy, take care of your shit.
This was loosely touted as the 11th Principle until Gratitude came along the following year at the Regional Summit.

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