Community –noun

A group sharing common characteristics or interests and perceived or perceiving itself as distinct in some respect from the larger society within which it exists.

The burnerverse is like an onion, there are layers of community all the way down.
The world wide burner community consists of a huge number of people with diverse interests and values. People who identify as Neo-Cons, & Hippies, spiritualists, atheists, or deeply religious, the very wealthy, and some folks who have rejected money all together, all brought together by that thing in the desert.
Local burner communities bring people together year round, working together on events and projects, sharing food and drink, resources and experiences. Some will never make it to the playa, but are still essential burners, integral to their community.

Theme camps are often our home when we go home, and the community bonds we build there can be the strongest. The shared experience of building something together, making it work or seeing it fail, then dusting off the pieces and building it again binds people together in all sorts of ways.

In an environment of openness and freedom community forms organically. The creative juices flow, people with similar tastes, interests and values start building off of each other, and when the inspiration strikes, collaboration and community manifests.

By Shenanigans

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