B.Y.O.C. verb

Stands for Bring Your Own Cup, and is a fine example of how radical self reliance blends well with gifting and community spirit.
At burner events the world over, people will gladly pour you a drink and share their meal. Even if they are not providing a bar, they often make extra, just for sharing. However, it’s a lot easier to gift you if you have your own cup. Many playa bars won’t serve you unless you have your own. If they do, they’ll hand you a disposable one that becomes your MOOP to deal with and you have to carry it around until you get it back to camp. Most burners head out for the day with out at least a cup, and many will tuck a bowl and a spoon into their day bag, just in case.

Toi Box replied: Tips for BYOC:

* you probably want something that can hold about 8- 12 ounces. (sippy cups are a little small)
*Get something with a lid, you may not be able to finish your gift before you or your party is ready to move on and a lid really helps. especially if you are on a bike.
* Something with a wide mouth to make it easy to clean out as all kinds of things are going to get poured in there.
*Cups with caribeners attached to them are awesome. Stainless steel ones with lids can be purchased at 3Vets in Vancouver or Capital Iron in Victoria


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