It was better (X) year

It was better (X) year.
Another of the anti-principles it’s difficult not to indulge in. “It was better (X) year”, is a common way of expressing dissatisfaction with this year. There’s always more dust, more noise camps, more tourists, more frats, and it was always better (x) year; Where x is usually one of the first years the jaded vet arrived.
Fortunately jaded vets self mock almost as much as we complain and saying “It was better next year” has become the way to acknowledge our own lack of immediacy.
Ultimately we know that, while it always changes, Burning Man hasn’t really lost it’s boom, sparkle, and shine, It’s us that have lost our sense of awe and wonder. If we want it to be better, it’s up to us to make it better. Either by building it better, or by recapturing that sense of wonder.

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