Shrink your world

I am jumping in and stealing Yvonne ‘s tip of the day because one of the last post about people feeling lost and lonely at Bitf really got me thinking about Introverts at Burning Man. Some are really intimidated to even try and go to Burning Man.
Well I am Toi Box, I am a Introvert and this will be my 9th Burn

Tips for introverts:
Shrink your world – this could be a mantra for me, BM is huge and OMG the people it fucking over whelming and exhausting. Think of how exhausting a house party is and x by 7 days. Don’t think it has to be all about go go go. Hang out at camps, your camp, your friends camp. A lot of my best memories of burning man are the conversations I have had with people I would never get to meet.

Read the guide, make plans, actually keep them – I know the playa is distracting and sometimes it is hard to keep plans but making an effort to do can be really rewarding. That really neat workshop or lecture series. Don’t Miss it just because a parade of bunnies went by.

Spend a night of two alone – I spend one night every year of the burn where I go out alone and I do not talk to anyone. Not a word. I get drinks at bars, hop on art cars, see amazing things but I get to do it with my favourite person to hang with, myself.

Get involved: Volunteer: this is an awesome and fun way to interact with people while still keeping a safe and healthy distance. Arctica, Cafe, Greeters, Lamp Lighters, Recycling camp – so much more on the Shared labour can be a really great way to bond you to people and make family for life.

~Toi Box

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