Shower Water options

Personal tip from squishelle re showering at Burning Man

Sprayer 1 Gallon $19.98

I hate those dang shower bags for Burning Man.They are clumsy to fill, they use up way more water than necessary coming out of the spout and therefore create unnecessary extra grey water to deal with.

First, remember, you really only need to be “Playa Clean“!

Second, get yourself one of these awesome weed sprayers!
Usually $12-$20, Ace Hardware, or Home Depot or any Gardening store should have them. I orig bought mine at Midland Liquidators a few years back for $10 on sale.
Look for a longer hose, for full ’round body reach.
Other than it utilizing a fraction of the water, having a little ‘force’ behind the spray is a nice feature for removal of sunblock caked on playa dust.
With this method, barely ANY water actually drips off of you, so you can even do without a extensive grey water system. Just have something under your feet, like a large piece of cardboard, anchored down of course if you’re going to leave it there.
And… it’s much easier if you ask a friend to come & hose you down… just sayin’!

The other really handy tool I use is a handheld sized, pump sprayer like the one below. Great for doing dishes with very little water: mist dishes and wipe off with paper towels. Presto.

Both of these sprayers are THE BEST solution for heat. Just spray yourself & your campmates in the heat of the day and you will be making happiness…  spraying onto light clothing + wind = air conditioning!

Sprayer/Mister $7.49

Miz Anna says:  I like the sprayers. The best part is needing a shower buddy! I also like these for the hair washings… Enough to make it comb-able again, and to clean one’s scalp.

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