Playa Calendar


OPTION 1: A notebook works the BEST, with a page for each day & jotting down things you wanna catch.

OPTION 2: Add all FB events connected to your profile, hit the Gears button & Export to Google Cal… You can toggle whether those appear in the Other Calendars section AND/OR peruse the list and Copy the item to your own calendar.

OPTION 3: If ever there was a reason to use Google Calendar, this is it:
1. Add all of your personal/desired events into your personal Google calendar. Include time, location, FB event link, any notes, reminders of what to bring, etc.
Note: You can even create a separate BM one in your account if you prefer, but really, nothing else is going on at that time, so why bother.
2. From the top viewing option buttons, select Agenda
3. From the More drop down menu, select Print.
4. In the pop up window, select Print Range
5. Tick the “Print descriptions” box
6. Tweak other settings, ie, deselect Print Attendees, Print your response, Black & White, etc
7. Click Save As… to download a .PDF preview before you decide to print.

BONUS ROUND: You may also choose to either add or print separately the BMV Google Calendar, that already has all kinds of goodies in it… including DJ lineups for a few of the ‘big’ stages out there… woot. (and no i haven’t paid attention to what/who i’ve added, i only added things as they came across my screen and if i had time to put them in there, don’t diss me for it)

You’re welcome.

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