Pee Funnels!


Any one of these models below will be great… here are some basic tips for any of them

  • clean by squirting water into it from your mouth (take from water bottle or camelback into mouth first)
  • keep a lidded water jug in your tent/van/rv and pee into there during the night, don’t forget to put the cap back on!
  • MAKE SURE YOU take it with you FIRST TRIP to the porta potty in the morning! If there’s a lineup & you don’t need to go otherwise, freak people out by going into the male trough stall & dumping it there.. ha!
Other online lists/reviews:

squishelle’s top pick: the freshette

  • easy to hold
  • retractable tube makes it compact
  • i really like the hard molded plastic on this one, allows greatest control, easy to hold in place, esp when not so sober / waking up in the middle of the night
  • easy to aim the stream into a jug

$27 @ MEC




hmmm what i DO like about this one is that it’s open likely making cleaning easier but I like the “security” of sealing the Freshette style against my body.

pStyle - clearStand up and pee with the pStyle




Just saw this one for the first time, looks good, esp with all one piece hard plastic. Very similar to Freshette, but no retractable tube.
2nd fave i’d say.

a closeup of the shewee



$19.75 CAD MEC

tried one of these, didnt’ like at all, soft silicone, difficult to hold, not as easy to spray water into to clean


is disposable biodegradable, made of cardboard, discreet and  eco-friendly along with easy to use.  Disposable but can be reused up to 3 times. A great value!

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