Tip for my fellow nail-biters (and for non-nail-biters as well): Get a pre-playa manicure! Putting your fingers in your mouth removes the protective oils and dehydrates them. In the arid playa environment, with dust everywhere, this means your cuticles will get trashed and won’t heal until you’re back in moist climes.

Getting a manicure will keep your cuticles in check, and I find I bite my nails less after I’ve had one…getting a mani the week before playa gives your fingers a fighting chance. Happy fingers mean happy burners!

~ Golden Saxomasaurus

  • Miz Anna: Ditto a pedi- If you get the cracked, dry, icky skin removed from your feet before you go, you’ll be far less likely to develop fissures on your soles!
  • Xray November: my lip balm does double duty out there. I rub a lot of it into my cuticles to stop them from getting too cracked and messed up.

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