Freak Out

Tip of the Day: You’re going to freak out at some point. Whether it’s a major blowout with someone, tripping balls, losing it in a dust storm, or just plain weeping from exhaustion. And guess what? It’s ok. Just pick yourself up, wipe the snot from your face, apologize if you need to, hydrate and take a nap. Because something always goes sideways at summer camp. Just own your own shit, and remember, things’ll work out somehow.

Miz Anna

Hydrate for Health!

Combining MizAnna and Shenanigans tips today into one Hydration reminder.

In 20 days you may be rolling through the gate. Hot, dusty, already exhausted, and dry as you’ve ever been. Best start hydrating early.

Here’s a tip for today, twigged by the portapotties at White Trash-
Be kind to your innards, lest they rebel. Make sure you’re drinking enough water to rehydrate after a rough night, and enough fibre to keep things, er, moving. Having to hit the john numerous times because you’ve got a touch of food poisoning is a singularly unpleasant experience; having to sit for protracted lengths because you’re bunged up, even more so. Whatever goes in must come out, might as well make it as comfortable as possible.

Don’t let it hit the ground

Got one, if I may… Never let it hit the ground! Fer realzies! Imagine dropping a handful of Kleenex ™ into an electric fan outfitted with razor blades. Now imagine that at the same time you’re doing that, an 80mph dust storm kicked up, and you were kidnapped by a car shaped like a birthday cake full of guys in Borat onesies, driven around in flesh-searing heat for five hours, and returned, in a somewhat “altered” state, to your camp. And now… Pick up all the bits!
Not gonna happen, right?
Shove it in your pockets. Slap it in your secured garbage bag. MOOPsweep! Yay!
Helpful hints from folks in the know?
  • Also, the #1 moop item after the city is all gone? WOOD! Please use dropcloths and other methods to control woodchips and sawdust!
  • Keep a ziploc bag with you at all times. It’s perfect for random moop finds.
  • Altoid tins are especially awesome for your smokeables’ ashes and butts. I bring several of them each year and pass them out to folks when I see they don’t have a decent receptacle for their ciggie butts and such.