Quonset Hut Design Rev 0

From Simon:|
You should be able to do this for $30(tarp) + $25 (PVC) + $20 (rebar) + $10 (rope) = $85. I would spend the extra $40 to add another rib and another 5′ of length, personally.

  • How long are the rebar spikes? Is a foot sufficient?
    I would think 2 footers would do for rebar. It’s cheaper to get it in 10′ lengths and cut, but they sell them in 2′ lengths as well.
  • What’s a clove hitch?
    clove hitch: http://www.troop142bsa.org/wp/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Clove-Hitch.gif
  • There’s no crossing over of PVC pipes? Just 3 in parallel, one on each side and one down the middle?
    Can you provide step-by-step instructions? I would surely mess it up trying to interpret this!
    All PVC is parallel
    l, as you say. Going with 4 ribs, although more material expense, would give you a larger shade area and more stable structure.
    I will try and post a parts list and erection instructions in a bit.

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