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Local Projects heading to Burning Man 2012

  • The Life Tree – CORE project | lifetree.burningvan.ca | facebook.com/BurningManVancouverLifeTree2012
    Life Tree 2012 – Vancouver’s chosen Burning Man CORE 2012 project. The Circle of Regional Effigies (CORE) will be comprised of wooden sculptures created by regional communities around the world and will be placed in a ring around the man at the festival.
  • Breaking Wave | breakingwave.ca/ | facebook.com/breakingwave
    Ride the Breaking Wave to Burning Man!We are a group of artists taking a stand against ocean pollution by creating a giant wave sculpture at the 2012 Burn
  • The Sound Frond | soundfrond.com
    The Sound Frond Project is an autonomous interactive Sound and Light installation. We are usingArduino electronics hardware, Processingprogramming software, and the skills of a local group of artists, engineers, and Burning Man enthusiasts.
  • The Pier 2012 | facebook.com/ThePier2012
    The Pier captured a sense of imagination and wonder. A forgotten nostalgia in those who walked down it, fished off the end of it and hopped on a boat for a leisurely journey around the remnants of Lake Lahontan. It was ragged and rough, well loved and cared for. Like a distant childhood dream slipping back out of the void to gift a smile and then fade away.
  • Spry Bry takes his parents to BM | facebook.com/TakingMyParentsToBurningMan | http://kck.st/IIZIUN
    Spry Bry aims to define Burning Man in this FEATURE-LENGTH DOCUMENTARY by following his two 60+ year old PARENTS on their first-time trip
  • Synergy |facebook.com/SynerGproject
    The SynerG Team has some awesome plans for this summer, and we want you to come join us to SynerGize! We need performers, participants, and enjoyers of all stripes and colours …please hit us back if yer interested. [email protected]
  • Synesthesia Camp | synesthesiacamp.com/ | facebook.com/CampSynesthesia
    The main installation at Synesthesia is a sculpture/stage-installation called Life Springs. It is a 25′ series of platonic solids nested in on each other inside of an 80′ geodesic dome. Our camp will host 5 days and nights of interactive art, downtempo music, visuals, lighting, workshops, healing, and performances. Each day will focus on a particular platonic solid, its elemental component, associated color, and corresponding musical (over)tone. Each day will be dedicated to exploring our relationships with the platonic solids, these building blocks of our universe, and the elements associated with each: earth, wind, water, fire and ether.
  • The Stargate | facebook.com/BeatrixtheWhiteStargate |  indiegogo.com/TheStargate
    Help Beatrix the White build “The Stargate”, as an interactive art installation at Entheos, Lightship Stage & other Festivals, including Burning Man 2012.

Local Projects brought to Burning Man in 2011

► BMV CORE: PLAYA TIME: http://playatime.net/ & www.facebook.com/BMVPlayaTimeBurning Man’s largest collaborative art project!
► TEMPLE OF TRANSITION VANCOUVER CHAPTER: www.facebook.com/TempleTransitionVan
► 1 MILE CLOCK: www.facebook.com/1mileclock
► TROJAN HORSE: www.facebook.com/trojanhorse2011

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