Local Directory: Artist Groups, Spaces & Resources

Local Directory: Artist Groups, Spaces & Resources

If you know of a collective space where burners and like-minded folks collaborate and prep for playa projects, let us know & we’ll share the info here!

► *NEW* Why Knot’s Curiosities
a brand new burner owned resource center for local burners & festival goers!

319 Cambie Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 2N4604.669.2565

We are looking for consignors and designers to bring in their creations to sell in the shop.  Specifically we are looking for people who make costume/playa wear/tribal wear, alternative clothing or accessories and want a retail outlet to consign in.

The shop will also have a gently used consignment component, you know those preloved items that you just don’t rock anymore, or perhaps never rocked, maybe just not the colour for you this year.  Well you now have a place to bring those items to sell in the shop, earn a little extra money to maybe buy yourself something new.

Stay tuned for more info on the available workshop space, for community members to host all manner of workshops, group activities, meetings, etc.Please feel free to spread the word and have anyone interested contact us [email protected] discuss the details.

► SynerG

SynerG is a Vancouver organization that cherishes and promotes the participatory performance experience. We bridge the performer-spectator divide, and engage artists of all levels and stripes to increase participation and synergy.

► Synesthesia – A Burning Man Project

Large Vancouver camp doing a superb camp at Burning Man this year. Check these links for info & local fundraisers, etc.

► Disaster Area

Disaster Area was formed out of the desire to bring large scale fire art to the public, and eventually to increase its profile to the point where Fire is as much of a draw at an event as the event entertainment itself. We are working to increase the profile and appreciation of fire as an form of entertainment within Greater Vancouver.

► Perception Events

Perception Events are known to be diverse, creative, experimental and inclusive. Inspired by the West Coast’s burgeoning intentional dance community, we put an emphasis on productive value aiming to deliver an experience that goes beyond any single focus. We aim to create multidimensional engaging environments rich in content, stimulus and atmosphere where people will then naturally open themselves to explore and express themselves fully.

► Submerged Studios

This Group is designed to get the word out and to begin establishing a new community with inspired and inspiring individuals. We encourage you to share ideas and ask us questions about getting involved. We want to evolve our studio continuously and get people involved in using it to create works both Audio and Visual. Our goal is to provide affordable and versatile environments for public use, at hourly, weekly, or monthly rates. If you are a Painter,Welder,Wood Worker, Musician, Gardener, Dancer, Yogi, Performance Artist, DJ, Producer,or in other words whatever you are. If you are looking for a place to be creative get in touch.This is just the beginning. Endless Love and Respect,Submerged Studios

► Radiant HeatVancouver fire performance troupe burning here, there and under the Man.



“Energy Awareness Through Art! eatART is art Lab. We function as a educational charity devoted to promoting energy awareness in a fun and innovative way: by making, promoting, financing and encouraging audacious and improbable artwork. Why? Because it’s more fun to improve our lives with the wealth of aesthetic principals espoused by energy awareness.
www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_6103052073 & www.eatart.org

► BurnBC

► MadSkillz Vancouver! Flow, Juggle, Spin!!

► Beaumont Studios

The Beaumont was established in 2004 by artist Jude Kusnierz as an open and supportive environment for a wide variety of creative professionals. […] Located in the emerging creative district east of Cambie Street, The Beaumont is an established venue for Vancouver’s art, theatrical, dance and music scene. www.thebeaumontstudios.com

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