Official Regional Decompression Events

Each year, hundreds of dusty participants return from a magical week in the desert and begin the difficult process of re-entry into the Default World.

We have experienced something nearly impossible to explain,  the cosmic shifts inside of us are not reflected in the world around us. Friends, family and co-workers expect us to be the same, but we are not the same. We long to escape the confines of our daily existence, but we’re stuck in the patterns of our lives for another, long, year.

The decompression process culminates in the opportunity to re-create our experience for one night, here on our home turf. Here, we can share our experience, celebrate our personal transformation and officially make the transition back to life as we know it. We can also party with 400+ (?) of our closest friends, and check out some of Vancouver’s best Burning Man art, music, theme camps, performances, activities, costumes and revelry.

Like the Burning Man festival itself, it is most rewarding when experienced as a participant rather than a spectator – so get involved! Bring the project you brought to Burning Man, left half-finished on your couch, or have been dreaming of for months. Help us build, decorate, ranger, greet or break down. Invite your cool friends who will “get it.”

Thanks to Burning Man Vancouver community for its participation and creativity & to the Greater Vancouver Interactive Arts Society (GVIAS) for being the backbone in making this all possible.



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Nov 17th  7pm – 4am  West Coast Railway Association, 39645 Government Road, Squamish, BC.
Afterglow is presented in association with Greater Vancouver Interactive Arts Society. We follow the 10 principles of Burning Man.

Fire, Music, Performance, Art

It has been our vision to create a sustainable fall event for those of us returning from the desert.  Over the years venues have come and gone and with the increasing difficulty in finding a suitable venue in Vancouver we have thrown our net a little wider.  So just an hour away in Squamish we believe we have found an amazing venue with possibilities for it to be used over the coming years.

Many of us coming back from the desert want to reconnect and celebrate our experience.
Afterglow is a celebration of the interactive arts, with an emphasis on participation.  It takes us all to bring it alive.

Afterglow – A pleasant effect or feeling that lingers after something is done, experienced, or achieved.

With 15,000 sq ft of open venue space amidst heritage trains there are many possibilities for you to participate.  Do you have a theme camp that wants space, or an art installation, or perhaps you want to be in the fire show. We can accommodate aerial acrobatics and stilters. Perhaps you are a visuals artist.

We welcome anyone to participate – let us know how we can support you!  Greater Vancouver Interactive Arts Society will be providing art grants to provide transport for existing art and grants for new art.  For information on art grants and criteria.  Apply Here.

All proceeds from this event will be given back to the community to support interactive arts. We will be making a donation to either Black Rock Arts, BWB or the regional network.


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