Announcing the Burner Skool Series!

This year we are going with a bi-weekly Wednesday evening class format from May 9 to July 4, so that you can choose to attend the courses that are of interest to you, or attend all, or sharethe dates with friends & campmates and compare notes afterwards!

See full series & class curriculum – note all of that is subject to change, but generally within the Class Title for topics to be covered: http://bit.ly/BurnerSkoolCurriculum

If you’d like to take on a subject, please email Yvonne to discuss: [email protected]

Class #2: MINDPREP 101

Wed May 23rd
Back room (to the right as you enter) at The Sin Bin Sports Grill at 295 West 2nd Avenue.
See map: http://g.co/maps/4sk53

UPDATED SKEDULE based on presenters’ ability to arrive:

Today’s class includes short drops by LOCAL Art projects going to the playa, with some of the leads in attendance, absentees will be covered by squishelle

:::::6:30pm – 7:30pm:::::
►Relationships on the Playa – Toi Box
►The Pier 2012
►Breaking Wave
►The Life Tree – CORE project
►Spry Bry takes his parents to BM
►The Stargate
►The Artery and Art Tours – Saffron Lee


:::::8pm – 9pm:::::
► Rangers, The Law, Safety, Boundaries – Toi Box
► The Sound Frond
► Volunteering at BitF – Jalo Kuiper
► Tips & Tricks / What to bring / Online Resources – misc

► Open Forum & BM Movies showing

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