Beach Cleanup

Burners without Borders Wreck Beach Cleanups

Sometime around the beginning of May, we take to Wreck Beach and do a massive sweep in preparation for the summer season of sun bathing!

By members of the Burning Man Vancouver Community, in conjunction with Burners Without Borders World Beach Clean Up Day. Come out to make sure your bare buns have a clean place to play this summer!

In past years, a small crew of us picked up about 10 bags of trash! Check out pics from our efforts in 2008:

Dress to work, with protective footwear and with a flair for your burner self. Wear layers to adjust to the changing temperatures. Bring a water bottle, gloves, garbage bags, buckets (for glass)

Snacks will be provided by the Greater Vancouver Interactive Arts Society (GVIAS) but feel free to bring something along to share!

Burners Without Borders (BWB) is a group of individuals who are taking the lessons from the playa out into the world. Following the 2005 Burning Man event, several participants headed south into the Hurricane Katrina disaster area to help people rebuild their devastated communities. You can find out more about BWB at &

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► 5th Annual ‘Cinco De Playa’ cleanup at Wreck Beach
By BM Vancouver, GVIAS & Burner without Borders
Sunday, June 5 2011 · 1:00pm – 6:00pm

► 4th Annual ‘Cinco De Playa’ cleanup at Wreck Beach
Sunday, May 9, 2010 (okay, okay, Nueve de Playa…)
1:00 pm to 6:00 pm, Wreck Beach, meet at bottom of Trail 6.

Yes, it’s Mother’s Day – bring your mom!
:::WEATHER UPDATE for Sunday = SUNNY & 16 degrees!!:::
facebook event page:

:::::Report from  4th Annual ‘Cinco De Playa’ cleanup at Wreck Beach:::::

Greetings Burners…
Thanks to all of you who were able to make it out to Wreck Beach last Sunday for Burning Man Vancouver’s 4th Annual ‘Cinco De Playa’ cleanup!
Blessings to Baha & Chris for spearheading this year’s efforts & bringing down all of the essentials & some great snacks to share, on behalf of the GVIAS.
By about 3pm, we had a good critical mass of about 15 people doing beach sweeps in small groups or singles. All in all, it was fairly MOOP-free compared to previous years. It was a glorious sunny warm day, so there were already a couple of good solidbeach days from regulars, who have done sweeps of some of the areas they occupy.
We still managed to pick up a good amount of trash, with cigarette butts being by far the worse in numbers found. Some broken glass, bottle caps, rope, netting, and  miscellaneous small objects were found too… I think the oddest was a dragon fruit, or maybe the kids’ Bubble Making Sand Rake that Tracey found… we didn’t hear any children crying, so we believe her when she says she actually ‘found’ it!
Many of us had interesting conversations with the beach-goers, ranging from extreme gratitude, questions of who we are, how often we do this, why don’t we do it every weekend, etc.
My favourite being Dawg’s reply to someone who was trying to hand him his trash, this after an initial conversation about what we were doing, & Dog said, actually, you brought it down, you pack it out! Nicely done, esp. from a freshling (to us) who hasn’t been to BM yet! YAY TEAM!
Check out a few pics here – mostly worksafe – since we’re covering our bits with other body parts!

Original event info at:
Report by squishelle
as BM Vancouver Co-Regional Representative

3rd Annual ‘Cinco De Playa’ cleanup at Wreck Beach
For the third straight year, Vancouver BWB will hit Wreck Beach
Think it’s too early to go to Wreck Beach? Think again. Let’s hit the beach early and get it all cleaned up for summer. This is our third annual outing. In previous years, we found lots of cigarette butts, broken glass and foam.
WHERE: Wreck Beach Vancouver, BC
Meet near the bottom of Trail 6 stairs
WHEN:  Saturday, May 2, 1 pm – 6 pm

— gloves
— sieve to scoop trash out of sand (check yr local dollar store — I’ll bring some as well)
— food to share
— water bottle
— bandanna/sunscreen
— something to sit on (blanket, towel, mat)
— circus gear (poi, staves, hoops, juggling props, etc.)
— your fine self + friends!

► 2nd Annual ‘Cinco De Playa’ cleanup at Wreck Beach
Thanks to the 12 of us who came out & cleaned up the beach on Sunday, it was really a lovely time with friends & made me feel really great about doing something so good! The few beach goers who were there were very appreciative.
How many bags of trash did we end up with this time?
We brought up 2 full bags.
Most common contents?
cigarette butts, broken glass, bottle caps, plastics, styrofoam, newspaper bits… what else?