BitF, BM connections, CORE build day, Synergy Beach Jam & on-playa events!

From: Burning Man Vancouver Regional Contacts <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, Jul 4, 2012 at 9:15 PM
Subject: BitF, BM connections, CORE build day, Synergy Beach Jam & on-playa events!

In this issue

  • Burn in the Forest tickets update
  • Burning Man local rides/tickets/transport
  • New BM Community Collaboration tool: Spark
  • Saturday: CORE Life Tree Build day!
  • Sunday: SynerG Beach Jam!\
  • On playa events – yep, here we go! The Man Burns in 58 days!
    Tuesday: Space Gnomes Annual Canadian Red & White Burning Man Meet-Up Party
    Wednesday 6am:  PNW sunrise meetup at the Temple
    Wednesday 5pm-11pm: Apres-Ski Party

(All Burner-y events are visible on the BMV Google Calendar:

Burn in the Forest tickets update
Okay folks, three days remaining to get in your requests for ticket transfers and such. The Registration Team wraps up their work on July 7, 2012. After that, you’re on your own to figure shit out.

The only way to get a ticket to BitF at this point is to put your name on this shared doc & hope someone phones you before Friday when they realize they have an extra ticket.

This sheet is NOT administered by the registration team but by event participants! Radical Self-Reliance… and stuff. All your questions are likely answered at:

Oh and if you just got your ticket, go see the announce msgs you may have missed, with things like things to bring, etc… they are archived here:

Burning Man local rides/tickets/transport
The new WordPress site has LOADS of info for local burners… a recent addition is a Google Doc that you can use to post your offers/needs for tickets, rides or transport of items. Check it out.. Home page has all kinds of links:

NEW! Collaboration site put out by BMHQ

Spark is an online application designed to facilitate connections among Burners, fostering collaborative efforts related to theme camps, art projects, mutant vehicles and other Burning Man–related projects. Spark provides a secure place for people to post listings to seek or offer resources and skill sets.

So let’s say you can’t POSSIBLY pull off your project without a carpenter, electrician, sword-swallower, welder, dancer, aerialist, fire performer, painter, hooper, dude with a truck, seamstress, zebra trainer, project manager, or a 6’5″ woman who juggles flaming chainsaws. Pop a listing onto Spark seeking what you seek!

Or let’s say you’re any one (or more) of those things and you want to offer your skills to a worthy project. Pop a listing onto Spark offering what you have to offer!
But keep this in mind: Spark is not intended to be a commercial connection engine — it’s a collaborative connection engine.
We hope you find this to be a useful tool in sparking your ultimate Burning Man experience. Now, click the link and … go forth and collaborate!

CORE Life Tree Build day!

Life Tree will be holding a public build party this Saturday July 7th @ 1:30pm (yay!). We have lots of leaves to cut for our tree and we’re asking for some community help!

We’re looking for people who may have used a circular saw before (or feel confident using one) and others to help hold boards for cutting. Please RSVP at [email protected] or on our facebook event page at: so we know if we have too many volunteers.

We’ll bring the saws and saw horses, you just bring your wonderful selves!
With some community help we don’t expect the building to go on too long (just a few hours), but we are hoping to turn this into a mini-afternoon-potluck-get-together.
Come for the build and stay for some snacks and drinks so we can all get to know more of our community! Help by bringing some snacks and beverages of your own!

If you can’t make this one, fret-not, we’ll be having at least 2 more build events leading up to the burn! Also, those looking to help in different ways, or have unique skills that they want to offer up, please email [email protected] or message the facebook page at:

The address is 1784 east 7th Avenue; it’s about a block or so from Commercial Drive Station, come in the back, building starts at 1:30pm.

Hope to see some of you there!

SynerG Beach Jam!
Sunday, July 8, 2012 starting at 2:00pm at Spanish Banks

It’s that time of year again – SynerG and 64 Arts are taking the jam to the beach!

Join us for a family-friendly day of jamming, sun, and beach-y fun at Spanish Banks. Bring your instruments, hula hoops, picnic blankets and enthusiasm, we’ll have a table setup for a snack potluck. Please BYO-plates/cups/utensils – and bbq, if you’d like to bring things to grill.

This is a by-donation event – donations are not required, but very much appreciated. Money raised will go to support SynerG and 64 Arts.

How will you find us, you wonder? We’ll be at the far end of Spanish Banks beach, in the grassy area by the giant anchor. We’ll have 2 Coleman shade structures, instruments, and LOTS of smiling faces! FYI – parking can be tricky to find (and parking on the road will likely result in a ticket), so carpooling is encouraged.

On playa events

  • Tuesday 9pm: Space Gnomes Annual Canadian Red & White Burning Man Meet-Up Party
    Welcome Earthlings & Canadians to the Space Gnomes Annual Red & White Burning Man Meet-Up Party.
    What better way to start your Burn than to connect with all your Burner kin in one fantastic place on the Playa. So feel free to tell your Gnomies they can find you Tuesday night at the SPACE GNOME DOME!  As always, the bar will be open & our Space Gnome DJs will be on-hand spinning sounds that are bound to shake your booty! So see you at the Space Gnome Dome!!! Your Gnome away from Home on the Playa.
  • Wednesday 6am:  PNW sunrise meetup at the Temple
    Calling BC/Washington burners… Vancouver, Victoria, Bellingham, Seattle plus surrounding areas & any of our friends! Wouldn’t it be nice to be sure to catch at least ONE SUNRISE?
    Wouldn’t it be nice to share that with the people you know from the default world?
    That’s what WE THOUGHT!An annual tradition, the last several years’ Wednesday morning PNW gatherings have been really great! An opportunity to see many people that you otherwise might not see at any other time during the week… Several people said they really appreciated the callout, as it ensured that they would catch at least ONE sunrise! And it’s a sweet time to visit the Temple, mid-week, mid-progress with everyone adding their words & thoughts…Meet you at the Temple, sunrise side, on Wednesday at 6am, & we’ll watch the sun rise together.
    Nice & simple, bring whatever you feel to share, or not!
    Invite your friends, campmates, associates… & we’ll see you there.


  • Wednesday Aug 29: Apres-Ski Camp 5:00pm until 11:00pm
    Legendary ski theme party at Black Rock City! Wear your old-skool ski gear and dance to awesome funky break-beats under snowy skies 🙂
    This might be our last year folks so make a plan to step out and see this kickin’ and awesome event! Stay tuned and check back for DJ line-ups, final location, libations (whiskey sours coming back!) and possible fund-raiser updates.


Website for local resources & info:

Life Tree Leaf Design Contest & Loads of BitF stuffs

From: Burning Man Vancouver Regional Contacts <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, Jun 27, 2012 at 6:20 PM
Subject: Life Tree Leaf Design Contest & Loads of BitF stuffs

In this issue

  • The Life Tree : Design a Leaf Contest
  • BitF SOLD OUT! Ticket news
  • BitF Rideshares
  • BitF Early Arrivals
  • BitF: micro GRANTS!    micro  GRANTS!!
  • BitF: Fire Show needs help!
  • BitF: Performance workshops with SynerG
    Burners & Beers, As Above So Below, Decentralized Dance Party, Fireball Fundraiser 4


The Life Tree (Vancouver CORE) is having a design contest!

We are inviting members of the community to design cut out patterns for the leaves of Life Tree. The tree is surrounded by 52 triangle leaves in a double helix, constructed from plywood and lit up from underneath by a high-powered LED. The winning designs will be CNC machined (cut out by computer) on to a whole set of leaves surrounding the tree! (Yay for community art!).

We will be choosing 4 different designs and you are welcome to send in more than one drawing.

There are four different sizes of leaves, with each leaf consisting of two triangles (see model and on contest page).

The deadline for submissions is July 9th. Each of the 4 winners will receive a Life Tree T-shirt and will have their design used for the leaf patterns on the 2012 CORE Project at Burning Man.

Send your submissions and any questions to Kelly Kent: [email protected]

Please visit the contest page for templates and a design guide.

BitF SOLD OUT! Ticket news
The BitF Registration Team has received a few emails asking about tickets since the event sold out. Please note that we do not have a waiting list, see below for your current ticket options.
Also, we have updated the BitF ticket page with step-by-step instructions on transferring a ticket, which MUST BE DONE before July 7th. NO ticket transfers will be possible after that date.

Looking to buy a ticket?
At this time, all tickets are either sold or reserved and awaiting payment. All payment and registration deadlines for in-person payment and low-income tickets expire Thursday June 28th (that’s tomorrow!). Any incomplete transactions will be void as of Saturday June 30th and released for sale on Sunday July 1st.
We will release all remaining tickets at 12:00pm (noon) Sunday July 1st. All sales will be 1 ticket purchase per person, first come first served, pay-pal or credit card purchase only.

Private Sales Option
Otherwise, you will need to see if anyone is selling their tickets. Here is a Google Doc resource not maintained by the Registration Team, that you might find useful:

Full details:

BitF Rideshares
You know the drill. Save a tree, help each other out, ya di ya da:

micro GRANTS!    micro  GRANTS!!

Have a great idea and want to put together a small art piece or performance or something fun for BITF?  Apply for a micro grant!
Micro grants can be either interactive or art but do not have to be both.
Grants are awarded up to $100.00.
Deadline for application – Sat June 30th   apply here! :

BitF Early Arrivals
Heading to BitF early? Awesome! But the Registration team has NOTHING to do with it. As the BitF website says, if you wish to come earlier or stay later the camping fee is $10 per night that you pay to Squamish Valley Campground. You would pay this upon arrival. Please don’t email the Reg team about this – we have no additional information and cannot arrange the early arrival for you.

Fire Needs Help All Round!
BiTF is a month away! Are you getting excited? I know I am!!!!
We are having our 3rd annual fire show this year and we need >>YOU!<< to help out! There are three areas we need assistance and pretty much anyone can qualify to assist… just read below to see where you fit in and who to contact!

All positions require absolute sobriety *all* day Saturday.
We need:::
*drum roll please*

  • Fire Performers — for the show leading up to the Effigy Burn
  • Fire Safety         — to help keep the performers, audience and venue safe during the Fire Show
  • Burn Perimeter  —to set the perimeter *during the Effigy Burn*

Fire Performer —- contact mystressfyre @ gmail dot com
If you are a fire performer and have your own tools and the desire to perform in front of the loving crowd at BiTF, please shoot Mystress Fyre an email directly! She’s still in the process of writing the script and NEEDS YOU to make the show that much more awesome! There will be a rehearsal on Saturday afternoon that is *mandatory* for all to attend to be *in* the show.

Fire Safety — contact Robert painterbicycle @ yahoo dot ca
This is the sweet spot for the fire show. If you want front row seats…AND can watch to make sure that nobody sets themselves, the venue or anything else for that matter on fire….this is the place for YOU! There will be a fire safety workshop for all fire safety folks on Saturday afternoon that is *Mandatory*. In this workshop you will learn the in’s and out’s of how to properly safety a fire show. This will be lead by the Fearless RobertOH!

Burn Perimeter — contact mystressfyre @ gmail dot com
This is also the sweet spot for watching the amazing Effigy that Tango has created burn to the ground :0) Your responsibilities are *very* high with this position as you are required to watch all aspects of the burn. . .the surrounding area, the effigy itself as well as the participants to ensure their safety. So yes, while it’s the best seat in the house, it also has the most responsibility. There will be a training session on Saturday afternoon for this which is *mandatory*! Please contact Mystress Fyre directly to learn more details!

This year is promising to be BiTF’s biggest year yet! We can’t wait for it!
Over n Out
Mystress Fyre n RobertOH!

BitF-goers: Anyone wanting to perform performance-related workshops, the SynerG dome can be made available to you. Write Boom at[email protected], describing what you want to do and approx. when (and what day) you want to do it. SynerG is able to offer up to 1 hr. workshop slots through the weekend, and is putting an emphasis on performance-related clinics.


Website for local resources & info:


The Burn in the Forest Registration team has some important updates for those going to BitF this year.

If you have already paid and registered, please ensure that you received a confirmation email and that you can open the link and print your ticket. The sooner you do this the better!

Reminder the tickets go up to full price as of June 30th! Get your tickets now!!

If you were approved for a Low Income ticket, please remember that you must register for your ticket by this Friday June 22nd. If you no longer require the ticket or require alternate arrangements, please let the Registration Team know ASAP.

Are you passing along your ticket to someone else? Please contact the Registration Team right away to give us the name and email address of the person you are passing your ticket off to and have them contact us to register. All participants will need to register in order to attend the event. The deadline for ticket transfers is July 7th.

The Registration Team will be wrapping up a work the week prior to the event and will be entirely unavailable the few days before the event. Avoid disappointment by taking care of any concerns sooner rather than later!

See you in the Forest!
The Registration Team
Contact: [email protected]

Website for local resources & info:

BM Rideshare/Tickets Google Doc, Burner Skool, Make Music, Upcoming events…

———- Forwarded message ———-

From: Burning Man Vancouver Regional Contacts <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, Jun 19, 2012 at 12:01 AM
Subject: BM Rideshare/Tickets Google Doc, Burner Skool, Make Music, Upcoming events…
To: BMV Announce
In this issue

  • NEW: local Burning Man Tickets & Rideshare Google Doc
  • Wednesday: Burner Skool Hands on!
  • Thursday: Make Music Vancouver
  • Local events:
    Otherworld, Entheos, Mini Maker Faire, Pirate Con, Velopalooza! ‘til July 2

NEW: Local Burning Man Tickets & Rideshare Google Doc

The Man burns in 74 days & that means plans are starting to form around rides and rideshares and people will be looking for tickets and other will realize they can’t make it & need to sell theirs.

In order to facilitate local connections for rides & tickets to Burning Man, the following Google Document has been created. Anyone with the link can access and edit the doc, but it is not searchable/public.

Please use the appropriate sheet to post your need or offer (there are 4 in the doc).

Burner Skool Hands on!

Hey, folks! Weather looks good for some outdoor activities on Wednesday!
This class is going to be oodles of fun! We’ll be making a delicious Playa meal, talking about dressing up in a leave-no-trace way, and how to make a wonderfully comfortable home in an entirely uncomfortable environment. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Class #3:  HANDS ON  101
Wed June 20th, At Cal & Anna’s place, in the back yard!
6:30pm – 10pm, 2771 Horley Street, Vancouver, BC

Come on by for a burner potluck in the back yard, BBQ available for you to grill on, mingle with the vets, ask any burning questions & meander about the yard to learn about the following topics:
– Playa Bike Prep
– Playa Infrastructure tents, shade, domes and generators
– Cooking on the Playa
– Costumes and Playawear
– Lighting yourself up on the Playa

Please check out for links, tips & resources…
Agu 1st: last Burner Skool event, after Burn in the Forest!

Make Music Vancouver – Yaletown & Gastown
Thurs June 21
Imagine Yaletown and Gastown…

Then Imagine, dozens of artists invading the streets of yaletown. Classical musicians, jazz musicians, salsa, rock, folk…A beautiful and passionate chaos.

Guess what? It’s happening. The concept of the event started in France when the minister of culture asked all kinds of musicians amateurs and professionals to take over the streets of France. He wanted to see them play on every corner of the cities. Train stations, Malls, parks etc. ‘Make Music’ has now spread to 400 cities across the world. And Vancouver is one of them.

Last year, it was a huge success in Gastown. This year it is extending to Yaletown. It’s completely free! June 21st between 5 and 10 pm in the streets (indoor after 10pm).
All you have to do is show up, and have fun.

Get involved:
Are you an artists interested in playing music?
Register now online on

Want to become a Make Music Vancouver volunteer?
Are you Yaletown or Gastown venue and would like to participate in Make Music Vancouver?

Contact us at [email protected] or see for more info
RSVP FB event page:

Taking My Parents to Burning Man – …a Black Rock-umentary!

An absolute HILARIOUS update to Spry Bry’s Kickstarter campaign, check this out!

“We’re allllmost at the end of our campaign, and the goal is in sight, but not close enough yet! Please pass this campaign around to everyone you know, and donate if you haven’t already.
So! With Burning Man right around the corner, we decided to start whipping the parents in to top-notch condition ;D”


Website for local resources & info:

BitF, Arctica, Bees, Summer Intention, Events!

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Vancouver Burner Events Announce List
Date: Fri, Jun 15, 2012 at 8:21 AM
Subject: [vancouver-announce] BitF, Arctica, Bees, Summer Intention, Events!

In this issue

  • BitF Site Visit this Sunday
  • Be part of the BitF Fire Show
  • Arctica looking for volunteers
  • Bzzz! Bee Theme on the playa
  • Summer Intention 13.5
  • Local events:
    This Weekend: Electro Tea Party, Bike Rave, Velopalooza, Noir Fetish Ball, Bitf Site Visit, CAR FREE DAYS!!
    Next Week: Burner Skool Hands On at Cal & Anna’s, Entheos, Otherworld, Maker Faire, Pirate Con

This edition of the BMV Announce was apparently waiting for signs of summer this week, apologies for the tardiness!
Oh, and uhm, if you’re even considering going to BitF and don’t have your ticket yet, don’t even think of acting surprised when it sells out…. It’s likely just about to.

Calling all Burn in the Forest Theme Camps and Artists! Site Visit June 17th

Thank you for your participation!!

If you have already registered your theme camp or art installation, and you want to help decide where it will be placed at the event, please have someone from your group attend the Site Visit on Sunday, June 17th.  We will be meeting at noon at Squamish Valley Campground.  Directions are here:  When you arrive at the campground, let them know you are there for the site visit.

If you have NOT yet registered your theme camp or art installation, please do so as soon as possible here:  The deadline for registration is June 13th. (sorry, now passed)

If you don’t register your theme camp or art installation, or you prefer that we not place you, you can find a spot when you arrive at the event, but please be aware that some of the most desirable spots will be reserved for those who have registered and requested placement.  Please note that any amplified sound bigger than a boombox MUST be registered. We have limited space for sound so we cannot promise that we will be able to accommodate you, but we will do our best. Sound systems bigger than a boombox are not allowed in the general camping area.

If no one from your project can attend the site visit, please contact us ( and let us know, and we will do our best to place you in line with the info you provided when you registered.  BUT we’d much rather have your input in person so that placement can be a collaborative process.

If you’re not bringing a theme camp or art installation, you’re still welcome to join us, but we will need to stay focused on placement in our discussion.  Hope to see lots of you there!

(Oh, and there are less than 200 tickets remaining.  Get on it if you haven’t already –

Co-Tech Producer

Burn in the Forest Fire Show

Are you a fire performer who wants to perform in front of all yer peers. . . not at Burning Man?
Are you going to Burn in the Forest?!
Do you like ice cream?

If you have answered yes to two or more of these questions then we would LOVE to hear from you!

Mystress Fyre is eagerly seeking fire performers for the Fire Show at Burn in the Forest this year!!! This year’s show will top all others in years past. . .this is *the* show to be involved with—-mmmmmhhhhhhhmmmmm!!!!

Requirements are as follows:::

~Must have a ticket to Burn in the Forest.
~Must have some experience playing with Fire and your own fire tools.
~Must be willing to commit to an entire day of sobriety on the Saturday of the event!
~Must be willing to have fun!

If you think you fit this bill, send Mystress Fyre an email directly to mystressfyre at gmail dot com.
In the email, please specify what tools you use.

Looking forward to hearing from everyone!!!
Over n Out
Mystress Fyre

Arctica Shifts
A message from Toi Box:
Want to work at the coolest place on the playa?
Seriously what could be better than partying, laughing and playing with ICE during the hottest part of the day. Shifts are 9-12, 12-3, 3-6
And if you are at all a morning person you can hang with me. I will be OPS at Arctica Center from 9am-1:30. So come party with some polar bears who truly know the meaning of Chill The Fuck Out.

Bzzz! Bee Theme on the playa
In case you missed this, there is an important BEE component to this year’s Burn!

Summer Intention 13.5
Jul 20th 2012- Jul 23rd 2012
presented by: Tribal Harmonix

This weekend: some form of outdoor version of the famous Intention retreat (see last year’s website for an idea of the vibe:  )
We don’t know yet exactly what form this will take, and whether it will just be a moderately-organized camping trip of really amazing people… or a fully-organized summer version of Intention (as we did in years before, Summer Intention 7.5, 8.5 and 9.5 were all amazing!) with sound system, workshops, communal meals, and as much infrastructure as we can easily provide…  or something in between!
All we know is… if you like the Intention gathering, and you like camping in the woods in the summer… then you’re gonna love this!
Email [email protected] for details if you’re interested in joining the organizing team, or have any questions or suggestions about the event.

EVERYTHING BURNING VAN is now at… check it out & get connected!

Events this week, Burner Skool next week, website, BiTF News and more!

From: Burning Man Vancouver Regional Contacts <[email protected]>

Date: Wed, May 30, 2012 at 8:06 PM
Subject: Events this week, Burner Skool next week, website, BiTF News and more!
To: BMV Announce <[email protected]>In this issue 

  • Tomorrow: Life Tree General Meeting
  • Tomorrow: Hope and Fear in Black Rock City: BC Cancer Foundation fundraiser
  • This Friday: Burners and Beers: Breaking Wave’s Burning Man ticket raffle
  • This Friday: Taking my parents to Burning Man – documentary fundraising party
  • Next Wed: Burner Skool @ Sin Bin / updated curriculum!
  • New Burning Man Vancouver Website Operational!
  • BitF Grants Deadline this Friday
  • BitF Theme Camp Placements
  • Burning Man Theme Camps requesting placement for 2012 List published
  • The Stargate – help us reach our goal
  • Fri June 8: Pink Party – fundraiser for SynerG’s new Artspace
  • Aug 2: mOOseman 2012 (Ontario)
Life Tree General MeetingWe’re having another general meeting! It’s coming this Thursday 7pm at the Legion on Commercial Drive!This meeting will include build plans and setting some build dates/parties! We’re actively looking for welders and builders alike to join us. Still some volunteer positions available, we’d love to see you there. Please join us! (Look for the table with the logo!)


Hope and Fear in Black Rock City: BC Cancer Foundation fundraiser
Thursday, May 31, 2012 7:00pm until 8:00pm
You are invited to a screening of “Hope and Fear in Black Rock City”.It is a 20 minute long, 2006 film by Martin Prihoda featuring the residents of Black Rock City. Beautiful imagery set to the music of Philip Glass.
This event is a fundraiser for the BC Cancer foundation in the default world. Come and get a taste of the playa. Secure your spot at:
BYOB and wine! Snacks provided.==============================================
Burners and Beers: Breaking Wave’s Burning Man ticket raffle

This is it ladies and gentlemen, this is the magic moment you have all been waiting for.
The much anticipated draw for the coveted Burning Man 2012 Ticket!

Come hang out with some local Burners, and the Breaking Wave team, have a few pints, shoot this shit, get all the latest gossip on the local playa projects.
If you’ve never been to Burners and Beers before, this is one not to miss. Maybe you’ve never been to the burn before? Great time to meet new people, especially playafied dusty friends.
We will have the new model of the Breaking Wave in attendance so you can see just what it is we’re trying to build.

Anytime after work Friday, June 1st
The Back Forty :
118 Robson st, yes there is free parking, and yes there is all you can eat peanuts! best part, just toss them shells on the floor, it’s that kind of place.

Taking my parents to Burning Man – documentary fundraising party 


We are pleased to announce that we are having our FUNDRAISER on June 1st in VANCOUVER, BC. It will be held at CLUB 560’s LOUNGE (560 Seymour), and will be a blast 🙂 We’re going to have a PHENOMENAL evening of Burny entertainment: DJs, dancefloor, pole dancing, lasers and MORE! Bry AND HIS PARENTS will be in attendance, so this is a great time to come break that ice and give ’em a high five, or a big dusty hug. Let’s give them a lil’ taste of that loving PLAYA! It’s by donation, $10 minimum @ the door. You can also get a FREE TICKET by donating $50 to the CAMPAIGN, as many of you have already done :D\ Thank you so much for your continual support, and here’s the link to the Facebook event:

Burner Skool Series: Class #2: MINDPREP 101

Full info at:
Update your FB Event RSVP:

Class #3: PARTICIPATE 101

Wed June 6th
Back room (to the right as you enter) at The Sin Bin Sports Grill at 295 West 2nd Avenue.
See map:

:::::6:30pm – 7:45pm:::::

  • How to stay HEALTHY on the playa, physically & mentally little woo and Erik Paulson
  • Participation (no spectators/playa ethos, etc) Yvonne
  • Volunteer Opportunities (Work for the man! Meet new people! Join now!) Toi Box, Pi
  • Theme camps (registered vs non-registered, how to find a place to live) Jane

:::::7:45pm-8pm break:::::

:::::8pm – 9pm:::::

  • Gifting John Halcyon video
  • LNT Pi
  • Photography on the Playa Luke

Open Forum & BM Movies showing

NOTE: This is the last class at the Sin Bin in the classroom setting. Since there are so many things going on, we have decided to cancel the Class #5: MINGLE & MOVIES slated for Wed July 4th. The next 2 Burner Skool events after next week will be:

New Burning Man Vancouver Website Operational!

Slowly but surely, the new wordpress site has been taking shape… There’s enough content on there now for us to be able to officially ‘launch’ it and have you all be familiar with the URL so you can pass it on to any friends, burner curious & newbies. You can search posts for topics of interest, or check out the various menus for some basics.

Some cool things to note:

BitF Grants Deadline this Friday

Calling all Makers, Creators, Builders and Imagineers! Performance Artists, Visual Artists, Construction Artists and Artists of Stripes Unmentioned!

Burn in the Forest is quickly approaching, and GVIAS needs YOU! to make it fantastic! If you have an art project in mind, read on – we’d like to help you!

Grant funding is available for large, medium, and small-scale projects heading to Burn In The Forest this July. The GVIAS Grants Committee is currently accepting applications, and have extended the Round 2 deadline to Friday June 1st, 2012.  Grants will be given up to $500.00

For more info, eligibility criteria, and to submit your application, please visit:


Send us an email – we’re always happy to discuss a project or try to assist you!: [email protected]org

Artfully Yours,
The GVIAS Grants Committee

THEME CAMP Placement at BitF

Want to have your art or theme camp placed at BitF ?? – you have just over two weeks. DEADLINE JUNE 13TH!! Site Visit JUNE 17TH !! this is where you will be able to come and give us you input about where you want to be placed. Make a note of these dates and get the info to us otherwise you will not have a space reserved for you – and that will be a terrible shame ):

Burning Man Theme Camps requesting placement for 2012 List published

Burning Man published a list of ‘Theme Camps requesting placement in Black Rock City’s reserved sections for this year, who chose to be listed publicly’. Thanks to Yvonne for pulling out any of the local camps she could search for from the BMOrg’s page, we now have a listing of camps that we know of with LOCAL members. See details here:
Email [email protected] to be added to this list!

The Stargate – help us reach our goal

Please donate or spread the word!!! We really need the funds to get this project to be the dream we envision it to be. The budget we’ve been provide isn’t enough to create the reality we want this to be & get it there! Please help use make this this SPECTACULAR!!! Remember every dollar counts…even 1!!!

The Stargate is believed to be a piece of technology that permits interstellar travel, allowing beings instantaneous travel through light years, to points connected by the Stargate network. There are those that believe that Stargates exist and that this technology is real. The Stargate is shaped like a monumental standing ring.

Beatrix the White and his team, Johan Thornton and Karen Oh, are building “The Stargate”, as an interactive art installation to be brought to Entheos, as part of the Lightship Stage, in order to create a shared experience with his community.  This sculpture will be a multi-sided polygon, with twenty-plus sections and keystone at the top. This sculpture will stand 12 feet tall, with a ramp leading in and out for passageway.  On the front face of the twenty sections, each of the twenty Dream-Spell Symbols will be cut out and lit internally via a programmed LED grid, and the Hunab Ku cut into the Keystone.  Additionally, on the backside will have black light reactive artwork.Beatrix is interested in building large installations and using non-conventional disciplines as a way to create art. This is Entheos (0)…here we are at the precipice of a new age.

Our deadline is drawing near and we still need support in making this thing happen. Please visit our fundraiser page here;

For more information and updates please visit our page here;

Pink Party – fundraiser for SynerG’s new Artspace

We missed last year’s Pink Party so we’re gonna make up for it…with a summer Pink Party on June 8th at Woods Studios and Sideshow Studios…two levels of fun, pink, and pleasure!

The proceeds of the event are going to fund SynerG’s new Artspace ( and the 64Arts/Reverbia theme camp at Burning Man 2012!

The dress code is strictly pink, and both floors will be bumpin’…amazing DJs and special guests downstairs and live music and chillin’ upstairs!

Serious fun, not to be missed…

Tix (presale only!):
Fan page:
We look forward to seeing you in the pink…

mOOseman 2012 (Ontario)
Celebrate our annual Regional Event @ mOOseman 2012 in Minden, Ontario on Thursday, August 2, 2012 at 6:00 PM to Monday, August 6, 2012 at 4:00 PM (ET) for a long summer weekend of gifting, music, performance, workshops and more!
**Please email [email protected] for any questions about the event or to get involved!
Visit us at
Attend the event on Facebook:
Tweet us @burntoronto


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