CORE 2013 Call to Action/AfterGlow Report/Events

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From: Burning Man Vancouver Regional Contacts <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, Dec 27, 2012 at 5:55 PM
Subject: CORE 2013 Call to Action/AfterGlow Report/Events
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In this issue

  • CORE Callout for Interest & Participation
  • AfterGlow Post Event Report
  • Calendar highlights – see full details at
    – Dec 31: W2 LIGHTS NYE 2013
    – Dec 31: Speakeasy Electro Swing New Year’s Eve
    – Dec 31: LUCKY 13 – NYE 2013 Party – Revelry Society
    – Sat Feb 9: Ranger Training for Vancouver Burner Events
    – Feb 1: Burning Man art grant proposals due
    (read more about the NDDP in the  Get Grounded article:

CORE Callout for Interest & Participation & Facebook Group to discuss

NOTE: NEW FB GROUP created to discuss possibility of a Vancouver CORE Project.
Please talk to your friends/allies and get on this group to talk to others who are interested in submitting an application to Burning Man to represent Vancouver in the Circle of Regional Effigies.
Meetings must happen in January/early Feb as the Application deadline is a very firm Feb 15!
Message from Meghan Rutigliano, Burning Man Regional Network Manager

Greetings, BURNING MAN Regional Groups!
It is with great pleasure that The Regionals Committee and Burning Man’s Art Department invite your region to apply for participation in our Third Annual Circle of Regional Effigies!

We’re tremendously excited about the creativity and collaboration that these regional art projects have inspired across the world and we’re looking forward to seeing the ideas that you come up with this year!

Full application information and a link to our downloadable art grant PDF can be found on our CORE 2013 Pre-Selection Info page:

Please direct any CORE-related questions to us via [email protected].

Happy holidays and we look forward to reviewing your submissions in February!

  • Total of 24 Effigies placed around the Man
  • Only 1 effigy app per Region, must be via the Regional Contact
  • Rigorous standards for Flame Effects
  • Submit a CORE Art Grant Application by Feb 15
  • If accepted, the standard Art Registration Questionnaire will also need to be submitted
  • Fill out a Theme Camp Questionnaire to reserve pre-event placement
  • Time commitment expectations, mandatory meetings, significant dates all laid out
  • Art Walk we require at least two of your team members to be on-site at your effigy during the Art Walk
  • Docents: The Art Department and Regionals Team expects each CORE group to coordinate the presence of Docents throughout the week
  • Complete application deadline February 15th. We know there will be refinements to the project/design made along the way but we want as much as you can give us by then for us to be able to make a decision on which effigies will represent in the Circle

Please direct any questions to your Vancouver Regional Contacts at [email protected]
Full application information is at
CORE Project Fan Page:
Regional Network & Regional Contacts info:
Vancouver Burners Fan Page:
Vancouver Burning Man Discussion Group:
2011 Vancouver CORE Project: Playa Time /
2012 Vancouver CORE Project: The Life Tree /

AfterGlow Post Event Report
Congratulations again to the Production team of AfterGlow, Vancouver’s Official Decompression event for a very successful event
You may read the post event report on the website here:

Happy New Year from your Burning Man Vancouver Regional Contacts
Uber, Abel, squishelle and Steven Z


Website for local resources & info:


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