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  • Breaking Wave Documentary Film Screening Gala
  • Intention 14 New Years Retreat, + 2 Fundraisers
  • The New Democratic Dance Party wants to give YOU money!
  • AfterGlow Lost & Found

2013 Art Theme: Cargo Cult

Got some thoughts, ideas or inspiration around this year’s theme? Burning Man Org encourages you to add your voice to the Art Theme thread on the ePlaya discussion board.

Breaking Wave Documentary Film Screening Gala

In less than 2 decades Burning Man has evolved from a fringe counter culture event into a global community of artists and social revolutionaries. Even as it’s marginalized and sensationalized by main stream media, it continues to grow at an exponential rate.

And A little dusty piece of this strange world is coming to Vancouver on December 11.

The Breaking Wave documentary follows the build process for a sculpture in the Black Rock  Desert, at last years Burning Man Festival. Shot over 2 weeks in the harsh desert environment, the film follows the construction of the sculpture made completely out of wood gathered from beaches all the way down the Pacific Coast, from British Columbia to California. The effort was monumental, and the challenge of finally assembling the sculpture at Burning Man only to see it go up in flames.

watch the trailer –

Please join us for this one time showing of our feature film.
Tuesday December 11 2012,  7PM,  Pacific Cinemateque,  $10

Buy your ticket here –
Pass it on via Facebook Event page:

Intention 14 New Years Retreat, + 2 Fundraisers
Hello friends,
We wanted to provide you with an update on the upcoming Intention 14 fundraisers so that you can be sure to save the dates and tell all your friends. Yes, you heard me right I said fundraisers! We are having not one, but two events to help put money in the subsidy fund for Intention attendees. Please see below for all the info you need about these two events.

General enquiries: email [email protected]
Tribal Market: vendors, please send enquiries to [email protected]
Decor: [email protected]


Intention 14 website:

Intention 14 Fundraiser #1 Facebook Page:
Intention 14 Fundraiser #2 Facebook Page:
Intention 14 Facebook Event page:
The New Democratic Dance Party wants to give YOU money!

Hey people!
What happens when Kickstarter meets a Dance Party, while under the influence of Burning Man’s gift culture?
The New Democratic Dance Party . . . is what happens!

We’re are looking for local, outrageously creative, and socially responsible
projects to fund. If you’ve been thinking of something and money is the only thing between you and your dream, PLEASE let us help you by submitting a grant application to the NDDP. Our goal is to raise between $1000 – $2500 at our first event to fund a project of this kind.

You can find the application form here!

The deadline for the first round is December 22nd.

AfterGlow Lost & Found
Contact Erik More on FB to claim your stuff:


Website for local resources & info:

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