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       – Tickets on sale now
       – Callout for Leads
       – GVIAS Art Grants
  • Sun Nov 4: GVIAS Visioning Salon
  • Sun Nov 11: Victoria Decompression: Prom Decom
  • Sat Dec 15: The New Democratic Dance Party (NDDP)


Callout for Leads
Team lead info on the website! If you would like to step up and take on more responsibility and help us put Afterglow together we would love to hear from you.

Here is the page regarding team leads we need.
Contact Erik using contact form here.

Tickets are now on sale
Head on over to the website for all of the event & ticket details and to see how YOU can participate.

GVIAS Art Grants available
GVIAS provides grants for art created for or coming to Afterglow!
We would like to showcase to the community all the amazing art created within it. We encourage you to bring either returning art (from previous events), existing art or any new project!
As timing is very short, please contact us with your art idea by Sunday October 28th to let us know what you can build or bring.
There is a total of $1500 which can be allocated to new projects both large and small.  We will also have a budget in place for artists or performance pieces that require assistance with getting their work to the event.
Please contact us as soon as possible so we can allocate these funds properly and please BRING YOUR ART!
Any questions?  email us! we would love to hear from you: [email protected]

GVIAS Visioning Salon
Public Event · By GVIAS – Greater Vancouver Interactive Arts Society

All are invited to join in a GVIAS-hosted discussion of the future needs of the Vancouver Burning Man community, the greater community, and the role that GVIAS can play now and in the coming years.

This event is open to GVIAS members and non-members. Anyone interested in the discussion may join.

DATE: Sunday, November 4, 2012
TIME: 1:30 Meet and greet, Salon from 2-6 PM, 6-7 Mingle
LOCATION: 689 Abbott St (at Expo Blvd, next to Stadium/Chinatown Skytrain station)

This 4 hour event is planned to be fun and participatory and broken up with performance and artsy stuff TBD–stay tuned for details. Sobey Wing will be facilitating.

Objectives for the salon identified by the board:

  1. To clarify for attendees the distinct roles and identities of GVIAS, BurningVan, Burning Man Regional Reps, the greater Burner community and local organizations with similar values and objectives
  2. Describe what we do now (events, committees, grants, etc.) and how
  3. Discuss: What would you like us to use our resources on?
  4. Discuss: What do we want to look like (as an organization and community) in the future? 5, 10, 20 years out?

The GVIAS Vision & Mission Committee is also being asked by the board to synthesize the ideas brought up in the salon and to review the vision and mission of GVIAS in light of these results. The results of the salon will be shared publicly.

Interested in becoming a GVIAS member? Join for free at Interested in being on the Vision & Mission Committee? Email [email protected] for info.

Please share this invitation with others that may be interested and invite friends to the FB Event page at :

Hope you can make it!
The GVIAS Board of Directors

Prom Decom By Victoria’s Kindle Arts Society
Sunday November 11th, Victoria, BC
)'( DECOMPRESSION 2012 )'(
It’s that time of year folks! A time for us to ground ourselves by connecting with like-minded friends and sharing our various talents and experiences. It is time to Decompress!

This year’s Decompression event will be based on a theme of GRADUATION as The Kindle Arts Society moves toward making community-run educational workshops a part of it’s constitutional mandate.
The event will take place in four parts at two venues: The Edelweiss Club of Victoria and Sunset Room.

Families Welcome – Tickets available by donation
The inaugural day of Kindle Arts Workshops will be held 1-4:30pm on afternoon of November 11th at The Edelweiss Club of Victoria. Topics and facilitators to be announced so stay tuned! Space is limited to register early!

This is a 19+ event – Tickets are $20 in advance or $22 at the door
Our supercharismaticexpialiadocious Emcee, the wonderful Miss Amanda Crocker will lead an evening of on-stage debauchery and revelry at The Edelweiss Club of Victoria 9pm-1am. Fire Performances are on the menu here, as well as a full bar, and a community Art Gallery curated by CoRE visionary artist Kym Spencer. Check back here for a schedule of performances.

All Ages Welcome! – No ticket required
You got it! We be rollin’ in style on a cloud of bicycles and bass from the Edelweiss to Sunset Room for the After Party. The route will be posted here on the event page the week before the event.
PLEASE BE SAFE HERE FRIENDS, and don’t drink & ride.

All Ages Welcome! – Tickets are $10 in advance or $12 at the door
In true Victoria fashion the after party will be held at the newly renovated Sunset Room! The music will be underway at 12am with the last set ending at 5am. Check back here for a list of community DJs who will keep yer booty shakin’ all night long!

We would like to thank you in advance for supporting the BurnVic 2012 Decompression Event! When you purchase your ticket online you will be given an opportunity to support this event by lending your time as a volunteer. We welcome stage performers, DJs, fire performers, rangers, VJs, and displays of art.

Facebook Event page:
Facebook fan Page;

The New Democratic Dance Party (NDDP)
Saturday, December 15, 2012
Submerged Studios
390 industrial ave, Vancouver, British Columbia

Facebook Event:

<<<Friday, October 19th @ W2 Media Cafe>>>
A Brief Introduction to the NDDP
Evolver Spore

<<<Saturday, November 17th @ Submerged Studios>>>
An In-depth Discussion and Q&A about the NDDP
Connecting Circles

<<<Saturday, December 15th @ Submerged Studios>>>
The TEST Launch of the live event. MUSIC LINE-UP TBA

Over the last year I’ve spoken to many of you about a project that fuses dance culture with democratic process. The result being an organization that funds community grants which are selected through live voting. For now this project is being called the New Democratic Dance Party (NDDP).

What is the NDDP you ask?
The NDDP is a network of event organizers, promoters, DJs, performers, musicians, dancers, artists and more. The NDDP organizes dance events to pool community funds and resources which then enable socially conscious community projects. These projects are chosen through a direct democratic process that will take place LIVE at the event.

1) Enable members of the community to pursue their dreams
2) Create independence away from our current financial system
3) Give us cause for celebration.
4) Build community
5) Put our culture in a positive light to the rest of society

Do you have an and idea or project you wish to start? Need some funding?
The NDDP is looking to the public to submit written proposals to apply for grants. Once we gather a number of proposals, four will be selected. A committee of four (diverse in age, gender, sexuality, finance, and race) will each nominate a proposal to go forward to be voted on by the public at the Dance Party.

You pay for entry into the party ($15-$20). When you pay you are then given a BALLOT.
Part way through the party, we will showcase the four nominated proposals on the projectors. The ticket (ballot) buyers will then go to the polls and use their ballot to vote on one of the four proposals they would like the nights proceeds to fund.

Once the votes have been counted, and the door money has been counted, we call to stage the nominee who received the most votes. We then give the winner 10 minutes or so to explain their project in more detail. If they need help from the community this is also the time to find human resources. By making it public, the person is held accountable by the community to follow through on their project and to use the grant wisely and appropriately, while knowing they have a network of support to aid them if need be. Even if the grant is insufficient to fund their entire project, the NDDP will check in with the person awarded the grant to see which tasks they put the grant towards, and which tasks they will need further aid for.

As an event organizer I know that it can be hard to make any kind of $ off of dance events. In order for this community to be able to raise enough finance to support a decent sized project, we will need people to volunteer time, resources, and skill. Essentially the less overhead costs, the larger the grants will be for projects.


Right now we are looking for people to support this idea. We want to make these democratic dance parties a quality production. In order for that to happen we need the help from the community to help out.

We NEED DJs, promoters, event planners, performers, artists, photographers, vidioegraphers, bloggers etc.
But we need more than just people to make the event happen.
If you have an idea to submit or wish to help produce an event, please send an email to:
[email protected]

TOGETHER we can pursue our dreams!


Website for local resources & info:

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