BitF Final Report, Life Tree party, Shoreline Cleanup, and EARTHDANCE!

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From: Burning Man Vancouver Regional Contacts <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, Sep 20, 2012 at 8:03 AM
Subject: BitF Final Report, Life Tree party, Shoreline Cleanup, and EARTHDANCE!
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In this issue

  • Burn in the Forest Final Report
  • Tomorrow night! Vancouver Life Tree ‘Ejaculation’ Party

Upcoming Events
Refer to the BMV Calendar for details:

  • Saturday GVIAS in the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup
  • Satrurday: Earthdance Worlwide event – Vancouver edition

Burn in the Forest Final Report
From Delyse, the Producer of the event:
You will find the final report for Burn in the Forest here. Happy reading !!

Vancouver Life Tree ‘Ejaculation’ Party

Yes, that’s right, we just called it that. Given that our last party was named The ‘Erection’ Party, we felt that for this last ‘hurrah’ a thematically similar name was appropriate!

The Life Tree crew wants to extend our sincerest gratitude and thanks to the Burning Van community by holding one last bash, this way we can spend a bit of extra time praising all our volunteers, supporters and burn spectators and shower them with the appropriate levels of… love 😉 (What did you think I was going to say!? :P)

The party format will be similar to last time, a keg, a bar, a potluck, some interactive art and this time a DJ! The party will be held at a different location from last, this time @ the Stoop Skate House – 4690 Baldwin St. a 5-10 minute walk down from Nanaimo Station

Name: Electro Heavy
Style: Mashups – DnB – Jungle

$10 – Unlimited access to the keg ($2 discount if you bring something for the potluck)
Various drink mixes will be available separate from the keg.

Food:  Potluck!

Interactive ‘At The Burn I __________’ mega chalk board.
Decoration station the Life Tree Bar!

Any and all interactive art and performances are welcome, please contact us if there needs to be some sort of special accommodation. We should be able to hold as many people as last time, but this time we will REQUIRE RSVP this way we can gauge how many of our friends will be coming and facilitate appropriately. This party is for friends and volunteers of the Life Tree CORE project, so If you do not RSVP there’s a possibility you will not be able to come in!

You can either RSVP on the Facebook group:
or via email:
[email protected] (please RSVP with your full name – thanks!)

All proceeds will be going to cover some final expenses we incurred in bringing our project to the playa – anything raised over those expenses will be donated to next years Vancouver CORE project!! Cheers to hoping it’s even grander and more spectacular than years before!

We miss you all and we hope to see all of your lovely faces soon!!


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