Vancouver Post Burn Events, Shoreline Cleanup, Earthdance, Seacompression

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Date: Wed, Sep 12, 2012 at 6:25 PM
Subject: Vancouver Post Burn Events, Shoreline Cleanup, Earthdance, Seacompression
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In this issue

  • Post Burning Man Events in Vancouver
  • GVIAS in the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup – Sat Sept 22
  • Earthdance Worlwide event – Vancouver edition – Sat Sept 22
  • SeaCompression 2012: PINK – Sat Oct 13 (Seattle Decompression)

Post Burning Man Events
(A note from the Vancouver Regional Contacts)

So you’re back from the playa and you want to throw a party? Super duper awesome! We love it when you do stuff!

Just don’t call it a ‘Decompression’ or a ‘Decom.’ or use the term “Burning Man”. These words (and a few others) are actually protected for use within the Burning Man Network and in order to use them or to hold an “official” Burning Man Regional event, you’ve got to fit some mega-precise criteria. It CAN be done, requires some lead time, and as Regional Contacts, we are here to help.

Seem kind if harsh? Well, it is intended to protect you and our community from exploitation by commercial entities and to ensure that officially recognized Burning Man events follow the Ten Principles, get proper insurance and have safety protocols in place.

Please read more on the subject and review the Criteria at the following link.
Email [email protected] to discuss your event proposal and your plan to meet the criteria.

What about an official Decompression? What about another Dust Off?!
Unfortunately, the location we used for last year’s Decom is no longer available for large events, and there are no concrete plans for an official Vancouver Decompression event at this time, BUT:
we’ve already heard from several groups in the past week who are jazzed to celebrate another successful Burn, and we’ll be working with them and connecting folks where there is potential for collaboration on post-Burn events.

We may still be able to pull off an official Decompression event for this year, but it’s too early to tell at this point, we’re still waiting to see formal proposals. We’ll keep you posted!

Oh, and we try to add any Burner related or highly Burner attended events on the BMV Google Calendar at, so if you have something to add, email [email protected]!

Abel, Uber & squishelle
Vancouver Regional Contacts

Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup
Date: September 22nd, 2012
Time: 12 pm to 4 pm
Place: Acadia Beach

GVIAS is participating in the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup and we need your help. We’ve been assigned a section of Vancouver’s coastline, and we’re going to go and pick up MOOP (Matter Out Of Place). Burners have awesome mooping skills so I’m sure we can do a great job of it.

Location: Acadia Beach – our assigned cleanup area is from the Acadia Beach parking lot to Tower Beach.
To get there, drive West along NW Marine Drive, you will pass all of the Spanish Banks parking lots. You will come to a large grey sign that says “Pacific Spirit Park” and another, smaller, parking lot. That is Acadia Beach. There is a small sign in the parking area, but it isn’t visible from the road. Park there and come down to the grass, we’ll meet by the picnic tables. (Google Maps does not know where Acadia Beach is)

Things to bring:
– Gloves
– Garbage bags and/or buckets
– Sturdy shoes and/or rubber boots

Parking Lot Entrance:

Please spread the word!

Earthdance Worlwide event – Vancouver edition

After the beach cleanup, head on over to Prospect Point in Stanley Park & catch some fab music & workshops at Vancouver’s Earthdance, or head to Chapel Arts after 9pm for the evening portion.

Facebook info & RSVP:
FULL event & workshop  listing at:

Earthdance Daytime at Prospect Point Picnic Area, Stanley Park. Suggested donation $10 or what you can afford (No one turned away for lack of funds)
11am to 6:30pm

Chapel Arts,304 Dunlevy Ave,

Doors, 9pm ( Limited capacity, come early to avoid disappointment ), Admission $20 at the door. Fundraiser for Women In 2 Healing.

Also join the FB group for news:

SeaCompression 2012: PINK

Welcome back from the playa, folks!  I hope you’ve got all the dust shook out of your gear, because it’s past time to prepare for SeaCompression.  This will be our ELEVENTH SeaCompression, ZOMG.

For the record, here are the details:

SeaCompression 2012 [1]
Saturday October 13 2012, 6p – 2a
SW 150th Street and 5th Ave SW, Burien, WA

It’s the same place we held it last year, but we will be taking over even more space.  Tickets are not yet available, but we’ll get that info posted as soon as possible.

For those of you newbies to the community, this is Seattle’s official Burning Man decompression party, sponsored by our local non-profit org, Ignition Northwest, and built by YOU, the burner community.  Last year we filled two acres with theme camps, art installations, and performance spaces.  Every year it takes literally hundreds of people to host SeaCompression, and there are numerous ways to participate.  To get involved, visit the Participation page on the SeaCompression website, here:

There, you will find many things to sign up for, including performing on our stage, setting up your theme camps, finding parking for your art car, helping DPW build the “city”, joining the gate crew, and more.

RSVP on Facebook:

Ivan Cockrum
Producer, SeaCompression

[1] Incidentally, this year’s theme is PINK.

Website for local resources & info:

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