BitF, BM connections, CORE build day, Synergy Beach Jam & on-playa events!

From: Burning Man Vancouver Regional Contacts <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, Jul 4, 2012 at 9:15 PM
Subject: BitF, BM connections, CORE build day, Synergy Beach Jam & on-playa events!

In this issue

  • Burn in the Forest tickets update
  • Burning Man local rides/tickets/transport
  • New BM Community Collaboration tool: Spark
  • Saturday: CORE Life Tree Build day!
  • Sunday: SynerG Beach Jam!\
  • On playa events – yep, here we go! The Man Burns in 58 days!
    Tuesday: Space Gnomes Annual Canadian Red & White Burning Man Meet-Up Party
    Wednesday 6am:  PNW sunrise meetup at the Temple
    Wednesday 5pm-11pm: Apres-Ski Party

(All Burner-y events are visible on the BMV Google Calendar:

Burn in the Forest tickets update
Okay folks, three days remaining to get in your requests for ticket transfers and such. The Registration Team wraps up their work on July 7, 2012. After that, you’re on your own to figure shit out.

The only way to get a ticket to BitF at this point is to put your name on this shared doc & hope someone phones you before Friday when they realize they have an extra ticket.

This sheet is NOT administered by the registration team but by event participants! Radical Self-Reliance… and stuff. All your questions are likely answered at:

Oh and if you just got your ticket, go see the announce msgs you may have missed, with things like things to bring, etc… they are archived here:

Burning Man local rides/tickets/transport
The new WordPress site has LOADS of info for local burners… a recent addition is a Google Doc that you can use to post your offers/needs for tickets, rides or transport of items. Check it out.. Home page has all kinds of links:

NEW! Collaboration site put out by BMHQ

Spark is an online application designed to facilitate connections among Burners, fostering collaborative efforts related to theme camps, art projects, mutant vehicles and other Burning Man–related projects. Spark provides a secure place for people to post listings to seek or offer resources and skill sets.

So let’s say you can’t POSSIBLY pull off your project without a carpenter, electrician, sword-swallower, welder, dancer, aerialist, fire performer, painter, hooper, dude with a truck, seamstress, zebra trainer, project manager, or a 6’5″ woman who juggles flaming chainsaws. Pop a listing onto Spark seeking what you seek!

Or let’s say you’re any one (or more) of those things and you want to offer your skills to a worthy project. Pop a listing onto Spark offering what you have to offer!
But keep this in mind: Spark is not intended to be a commercial connection engine — it’s a collaborative connection engine.
We hope you find this to be a useful tool in sparking your ultimate Burning Man experience. Now, click the link and … go forth and collaborate!

CORE Life Tree Build day!

Life Tree will be holding a public build party this Saturday July 7th @ 1:30pm (yay!). We have lots of leaves to cut for our tree and we’re asking for some community help!

We’re looking for people who may have used a circular saw before (or feel confident using one) and others to help hold boards for cutting. Please RSVP at [email protected] or on our facebook event page at: so we know if we have too many volunteers.

We’ll bring the saws and saw horses, you just bring your wonderful selves!
With some community help we don’t expect the building to go on too long (just a few hours), but we are hoping to turn this into a mini-afternoon-potluck-get-together.
Come for the build and stay for some snacks and drinks so we can all get to know more of our community! Help by bringing some snacks and beverages of your own!

If you can’t make this one, fret-not, we’ll be having at least 2 more build events leading up to the burn! Also, those looking to help in different ways, or have unique skills that they want to offer up, please email [email protected] or message the facebook page at:

The address is 1784 east 7th Avenue; it’s about a block or so from Commercial Drive Station, come in the back, building starts at 1:30pm.

Hope to see some of you there!

SynerG Beach Jam!
Sunday, July 8, 2012 starting at 2:00pm at Spanish Banks

It’s that time of year again – SynerG and 64 Arts are taking the jam to the beach!

Join us for a family-friendly day of jamming, sun, and beach-y fun at Spanish Banks. Bring your instruments, hula hoops, picnic blankets and enthusiasm, we’ll have a table setup for a snack potluck. Please BYO-plates/cups/utensils – and bbq, if you’d like to bring things to grill.

This is a by-donation event – donations are not required, but very much appreciated. Money raised will go to support SynerG and 64 Arts.

How will you find us, you wonder? We’ll be at the far end of Spanish Banks beach, in the grassy area by the giant anchor. We’ll have 2 Coleman shade structures, instruments, and LOTS of smiling faces! FYI – parking can be tricky to find (and parking on the road will likely result in a ticket), so carpooling is encouraged.

On playa events

  • Tuesday 9pm: Space Gnomes Annual Canadian Red & White Burning Man Meet-Up Party
    Welcome Earthlings & Canadians to the Space Gnomes Annual Red & White Burning Man Meet-Up Party.
    What better way to start your Burn than to connect with all your Burner kin in one fantastic place on the Playa. So feel free to tell your Gnomies they can find you Tuesday night at the SPACE GNOME DOME!  As always, the bar will be open & our Space Gnome DJs will be on-hand spinning sounds that are bound to shake your booty! So see you at the Space Gnome Dome!!! Your Gnome away from Home on the Playa.
  • Wednesday 6am:  PNW sunrise meetup at the Temple
    Calling BC/Washington burners… Vancouver, Victoria, Bellingham, Seattle plus surrounding areas & any of our friends! Wouldn’t it be nice to be sure to catch at least ONE SUNRISE?
    Wouldn’t it be nice to share that with the people you know from the default world?
    That’s what WE THOUGHT!An annual tradition, the last several years’ Wednesday morning PNW gatherings have been really great! An opportunity to see many people that you otherwise might not see at any other time during the week… Several people said they really appreciated the callout, as it ensured that they would catch at least ONE sunrise! And it’s a sweet time to visit the Temple, mid-week, mid-progress with everyone adding their words & thoughts…Meet you at the Temple, sunrise side, on Wednesday at 6am, & we’ll watch the sun rise together.
    Nice & simple, bring whatever you feel to share, or not!
    Invite your friends, campmates, associates… & we’ll see you there.


  • Wednesday Aug 29: Apres-Ski Camp 5:00pm until 11:00pm
    Legendary ski theme party at Black Rock City! Wear your old-skool ski gear and dance to awesome funky break-beats under snowy skies 🙂
    This might be our last year folks so make a plan to step out and see this kickin’ and awesome event! Stay tuned and check back for DJ line-ups, final location, libations (whiskey sours coming back!) and possible fund-raiser updates.


Website for local resources & info:

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