Life Tree Leaf Design Contest & Loads of BitF stuffs

From: Burning Man Vancouver Regional Contacts <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, Jun 27, 2012 at 6:20 PM
Subject: Life Tree Leaf Design Contest & Loads of BitF stuffs

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  • The Life Tree : Design a Leaf Contest
  • BitF SOLD OUT! Ticket news
  • BitF Rideshares
  • BitF Early Arrivals
  • BitF: micro GRANTS!    micro  GRANTS!!
  • BitF: Fire Show needs help!
  • BitF: Performance workshops with SynerG
    Burners & Beers, As Above So Below, Decentralized Dance Party, Fireball Fundraiser 4


The Life Tree (Vancouver CORE) is having a design contest!

We are inviting members of the community to design cut out patterns for the leaves of Life Tree. The tree is surrounded by 52 triangle leaves in a double helix, constructed from plywood and lit up from underneath by a high-powered LED. The winning designs will be CNC machined (cut out by computer) on to a whole set of leaves surrounding the tree! (Yay for community art!).

We will be choosing 4 different designs and you are welcome to send in more than one drawing.

There are four different sizes of leaves, with each leaf consisting of two triangles (see model and on contest page).

The deadline for submissions is July 9th. Each of the 4 winners will receive a Life Tree T-shirt and will have their design used for the leaf patterns on the 2012 CORE Project at Burning Man.

Send your submissions and any questions to Kelly Kent: [email protected]

Please visit the contest page for templates and a design guide.

BitF SOLD OUT! Ticket news
The BitF Registration Team has received a few emails asking about tickets since the event sold out. Please note that we do not have a waiting list, see below for your current ticket options.
Also, we have updated the BitF ticket page with step-by-step instructions on transferring a ticket, which MUST BE DONE before July 7th. NO ticket transfers will be possible after that date.

Looking to buy a ticket?
At this time, all tickets are either sold or reserved and awaiting payment. All payment and registration deadlines for in-person payment and low-income tickets expire Thursday June 28th (that’s tomorrow!). Any incomplete transactions will be void as of Saturday June 30th and released for sale on Sunday July 1st.
We will release all remaining tickets at 12:00pm (noon) Sunday July 1st. All sales will be 1 ticket purchase per person, first come first served, pay-pal or credit card purchase only.

Private Sales Option
Otherwise, you will need to see if anyone is selling their tickets. Here is a Google Doc resource not maintained by the Registration Team, that you might find useful:

Full details:

BitF Rideshares
You know the drill. Save a tree, help each other out, ya di ya da:

micro GRANTS!    micro  GRANTS!!

Have a great idea and want to put together a small art piece or performance or something fun for BITF?  Apply for a micro grant!
Micro grants can be either interactive or art but do not have to be both.
Grants are awarded up to $100.00.
Deadline for application – Sat June 30th   apply here! :

BitF Early Arrivals
Heading to BitF early? Awesome! But the Registration team has NOTHING to do with it. As the BitF website says, if you wish to come earlier or stay later the camping fee is $10 per night that you pay to Squamish Valley Campground. You would pay this upon arrival. Please don’t email the Reg team about this – we have no additional information and cannot arrange the early arrival for you.

Fire Needs Help All Round!
BiTF is a month away! Are you getting excited? I know I am!!!!
We are having our 3rd annual fire show this year and we need >>YOU!<< to help out! There are three areas we need assistance and pretty much anyone can qualify to assist… just read below to see where you fit in and who to contact!

All positions require absolute sobriety *all* day Saturday.
We need:::
*drum roll please*

  • Fire Performers — for the show leading up to the Effigy Burn
  • Fire Safety         — to help keep the performers, audience and venue safe during the Fire Show
  • Burn Perimeter  —to set the perimeter *during the Effigy Burn*

Fire Performer —- contact mystressfyre @ gmail dot com
If you are a fire performer and have your own tools and the desire to perform in front of the loving crowd at BiTF, please shoot Mystress Fyre an email directly! She’s still in the process of writing the script and NEEDS YOU to make the show that much more awesome! There will be a rehearsal on Saturday afternoon that is *mandatory* for all to attend to be *in* the show.

Fire Safety — contact Robert painterbicycle @ yahoo dot ca
This is the sweet spot for the fire show. If you want front row seats…AND can watch to make sure that nobody sets themselves, the venue or anything else for that matter on fire….this is the place for YOU! There will be a fire safety workshop for all fire safety folks on Saturday afternoon that is *Mandatory*. In this workshop you will learn the in’s and out’s of how to properly safety a fire show. This will be lead by the Fearless RobertOH!

Burn Perimeter — contact mystressfyre @ gmail dot com
This is also the sweet spot for watching the amazing Effigy that Tango has created burn to the ground :0) Your responsibilities are *very* high with this position as you are required to watch all aspects of the burn. . .the surrounding area, the effigy itself as well as the participants to ensure their safety. So yes, while it’s the best seat in the house, it also has the most responsibility. There will be a training session on Saturday afternoon for this which is *mandatory*! Please contact Mystress Fyre directly to learn more details!

This year is promising to be BiTF’s biggest year yet! We can’t wait for it!
Over n Out
Mystress Fyre n RobertOH!

BitF-goers: Anyone wanting to perform performance-related workshops, the SynerG dome can be made available to you. Write Boom at[email protected], describing what you want to do and approx. when (and what day) you want to do it. SynerG is able to offer up to 1 hr. workshop slots through the weekend, and is putting an emphasis on performance-related clinics.


Website for local resources & info:

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