BM Rideshare/Tickets Google Doc, Burner Skool, Make Music, Upcoming events…

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From: Burning Man Vancouver Regional Contacts <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, Jun 19, 2012 at 12:01 AM
Subject: BM Rideshare/Tickets Google Doc, Burner Skool, Make Music, Upcoming events…
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  • NEW: local Burning Man Tickets & Rideshare Google Doc
  • Wednesday: Burner Skool Hands on!
  • Thursday: Make Music Vancouver
  • Local events:
    Otherworld, Entheos, Mini Maker Faire, Pirate Con, Velopalooza! ‘til July 2

NEW: Local Burning Man Tickets & Rideshare Google Doc

The Man burns in 74 days & that means plans are starting to form around rides and rideshares and people will be looking for tickets and other will realize they can’t make it & need to sell theirs.

In order to facilitate local connections for rides & tickets to Burning Man, the following Google Document has been created. Anyone with the link can access and edit the doc, but it is not searchable/public.

Please use the appropriate sheet to post your need or offer (there are 4 in the doc).

Burner Skool Hands on!

Hey, folks! Weather looks good for some outdoor activities on Wednesday!
This class is going to be oodles of fun! We’ll be making a delicious Playa meal, talking about dressing up in a leave-no-trace way, and how to make a wonderfully comfortable home in an entirely uncomfortable environment. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Class #3:  HANDS ON  101
Wed June 20th, At Cal & Anna’s place, in the back yard!
6:30pm – 10pm, 2771 Horley Street, Vancouver, BC

Come on by for a burner potluck in the back yard, BBQ available for you to grill on, mingle with the vets, ask any burning questions & meander about the yard to learn about the following topics:
– Playa Bike Prep
– Playa Infrastructure tents, shade, domes and generators
– Cooking on the Playa
– Costumes and Playawear
– Lighting yourself up on the Playa

Please check out for links, tips & resources…
Agu 1st: last Burner Skool event, after Burn in the Forest!

Make Music Vancouver – Yaletown & Gastown
Thurs June 21
Imagine Yaletown and Gastown…

Then Imagine, dozens of artists invading the streets of yaletown. Classical musicians, jazz musicians, salsa, rock, folk…A beautiful and passionate chaos.

Guess what? It’s happening. The concept of the event started in France when the minister of culture asked all kinds of musicians amateurs and professionals to take over the streets of France. He wanted to see them play on every corner of the cities. Train stations, Malls, parks etc. ‘Make Music’ has now spread to 400 cities across the world. And Vancouver is one of them.

Last year, it was a huge success in Gastown. This year it is extending to Yaletown. It’s completely free! June 21st between 5 and 10 pm in the streets (indoor after 10pm).
All you have to do is show up, and have fun.

Get involved:
Are you an artists interested in playing music?
Register now online on

Want to become a Make Music Vancouver volunteer?
Are you Yaletown or Gastown venue and would like to participate in Make Music Vancouver?

Contact us at [email protected] or see for more info
RSVP FB event page:

Taking My Parents to Burning Man – …a Black Rock-umentary!

An absolute HILARIOUS update to Spry Bry’s Kickstarter campaign, check this out!

“We’re allllmost at the end of our campaign, and the goal is in sight, but not close enough yet! Please pass this campaign around to everyone you know, and donate if you haven’t already.
So! With Burning Man right around the corner, we decided to start whipping the parents in to top-notch condition ;D”


Website for local resources & info:

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