Events this week, Burner Skool next week, website, BiTF News and more!

From: Burning Man Vancouver Regional Contacts <[email protected]>

Date: Wed, May 30, 2012 at 8:06 PM
Subject: Events this week, Burner Skool next week, website, BiTF News and more!
To: BMV Announce <[email protected]>In this issue 

  • Tomorrow: Life Tree General Meeting
  • Tomorrow: Hope and Fear in Black Rock City: BC Cancer Foundation fundraiser
  • This Friday: Burners and Beers: Breaking Wave’s Burning Man ticket raffle
  • This Friday: Taking my parents to Burning Man – documentary fundraising party
  • Next Wed: Burner Skool @ Sin Bin / updated curriculum!
  • New Burning Man Vancouver Website Operational!
  • BitF Grants Deadline this Friday
  • BitF Theme Camp Placements
  • Burning Man Theme Camps requesting placement for 2012 List published
  • The Stargate – help us reach our goal
  • Fri June 8: Pink Party – fundraiser for SynerG’s new Artspace
  • Aug 2: mOOseman 2012 (Ontario)
Life Tree General MeetingWe’re having another general meeting! It’s coming this Thursday 7pm at the Legion on Commercial Drive!This meeting will include build plans and setting some build dates/parties! We’re actively looking for welders and builders alike to join us. Still some volunteer positions available, we’d love to see you there. Please join us! (Look for the table with the logo!)


Hope and Fear in Black Rock City: BC Cancer Foundation fundraiser
Thursday, May 31, 2012 7:00pm until 8:00pm
You are invited to a screening of “Hope and Fear in Black Rock City”.It is a 20 minute long, 2006 film by Martin Prihoda featuring the residents of Black Rock City. Beautiful imagery set to the music of Philip Glass.
This event is a fundraiser for the BC Cancer foundation in the default world. Come and get a taste of the playa. Secure your spot at:
BYOB and wine! Snacks provided.==============================================
Burners and Beers: Breaking Wave’s Burning Man ticket raffle

This is it ladies and gentlemen, this is the magic moment you have all been waiting for.
The much anticipated draw for the coveted Burning Man 2012 Ticket!

Come hang out with some local Burners, and the Breaking Wave team, have a few pints, shoot this shit, get all the latest gossip on the local playa projects.
If you’ve never been to Burners and Beers before, this is one not to miss. Maybe you’ve never been to the burn before? Great time to meet new people, especially playafied dusty friends.
We will have the new model of the Breaking Wave in attendance so you can see just what it is we’re trying to build.

Anytime after work Friday, June 1st
The Back Forty :
118 Robson st, yes there is free parking, and yes there is all you can eat peanuts! best part, just toss them shells on the floor, it’s that kind of place.

Taking my parents to Burning Man – documentary fundraising party 


We are pleased to announce that we are having our FUNDRAISER on June 1st in VANCOUVER, BC. It will be held at CLUB 560’s LOUNGE (560 Seymour), and will be a blast 🙂 We’re going to have a PHENOMENAL evening of Burny entertainment: DJs, dancefloor, pole dancing, lasers and MORE! Bry AND HIS PARENTS will be in attendance, so this is a great time to come break that ice and give ’em a high five, or a big dusty hug. Let’s give them a lil’ taste of that loving PLAYA! It’s by donation, $10 minimum @ the door. You can also get a FREE TICKET by donating $50 to the CAMPAIGN, as many of you have already done :D\ Thank you so much for your continual support, and here’s the link to the Facebook event:

Burner Skool Series: Class #2: MINDPREP 101

Full info at:
Update your FB Event RSVP:

Class #3: PARTICIPATE 101

Wed June 6th
Back room (to the right as you enter) at The Sin Bin Sports Grill at 295 West 2nd Avenue.
See map:

:::::6:30pm – 7:45pm:::::

  • How to stay HEALTHY on the playa, physically & mentally little woo and Erik Paulson
  • Participation (no spectators/playa ethos, etc) Yvonne
  • Volunteer Opportunities (Work for the man! Meet new people! Join now!) Toi Box, Pi
  • Theme camps (registered vs non-registered, how to find a place to live) Jane

:::::7:45pm-8pm break:::::

:::::8pm – 9pm:::::

  • Gifting John Halcyon video
  • LNT Pi
  • Photography on the Playa Luke

Open Forum & BM Movies showing

NOTE: This is the last class at the Sin Bin in the classroom setting. Since there are so many things going on, we have decided to cancel the Class #5: MINGLE & MOVIES slated for Wed July 4th. The next 2 Burner Skool events after next week will be:

New Burning Man Vancouver Website Operational!

Slowly but surely, the new wordpress site has been taking shape… There’s enough content on there now for us to be able to officially ‘launch’ it and have you all be familiar with the URL so you can pass it on to any friends, burner curious & newbies. You can search posts for topics of interest, or check out the various menus for some basics.

Some cool things to note:

BitF Grants Deadline this Friday

Calling all Makers, Creators, Builders and Imagineers! Performance Artists, Visual Artists, Construction Artists and Artists of Stripes Unmentioned!

Burn in the Forest is quickly approaching, and GVIAS needs YOU! to make it fantastic! If you have an art project in mind, read on – we’d like to help you!

Grant funding is available for large, medium, and small-scale projects heading to Burn In The Forest this July. The GVIAS Grants Committee is currently accepting applications, and have extended the Round 2 deadline to Friday June 1st, 2012.  Grants will be given up to $500.00

For more info, eligibility criteria, and to submit your application, please visit:


Send us an email – we’re always happy to discuss a project or try to assist you!: [email protected]org

Artfully Yours,
The GVIAS Grants Committee

THEME CAMP Placement at BitF

Want to have your art or theme camp placed at BitF ?? – you have just over two weeks. DEADLINE JUNE 13TH!! Site Visit JUNE 17TH !! this is where you will be able to come and give us you input about where you want to be placed. Make a note of these dates and get the info to us otherwise you will not have a space reserved for you – and that will be a terrible shame ):

Burning Man Theme Camps requesting placement for 2012 List published

Burning Man published a list of ‘Theme Camps requesting placement in Black Rock City’s reserved sections for this year, who chose to be listed publicly’. Thanks to Yvonne for pulling out any of the local camps she could search for from the BMOrg’s page, we now have a listing of camps that we know of with LOCAL members. See details here:
Email [email protected] to be added to this list!

The Stargate – help us reach our goal

Please donate or spread the word!!! We really need the funds to get this project to be the dream we envision it to be. The budget we’ve been provide isn’t enough to create the reality we want this to be & get it there! Please help use make this this SPECTACULAR!!! Remember every dollar counts…even 1!!!

The Stargate is believed to be a piece of technology that permits interstellar travel, allowing beings instantaneous travel through light years, to points connected by the Stargate network. There are those that believe that Stargates exist and that this technology is real. The Stargate is shaped like a monumental standing ring.

Beatrix the White and his team, Johan Thornton and Karen Oh, are building “The Stargate”, as an interactive art installation to be brought to Entheos, as part of the Lightship Stage, in order to create a shared experience with his community.  This sculpture will be a multi-sided polygon, with twenty-plus sections and keystone at the top. This sculpture will stand 12 feet tall, with a ramp leading in and out for passageway.  On the front face of the twenty sections, each of the twenty Dream-Spell Symbols will be cut out and lit internally via a programmed LED grid, and the Hunab Ku cut into the Keystone.  Additionally, on the backside will have black light reactive artwork.Beatrix is interested in building large installations and using non-conventional disciplines as a way to create art. This is Entheos (0)…here we are at the precipice of a new age.

Our deadline is drawing near and we still need support in making this thing happen. Please visit our fundraiser page here;

For more information and updates please visit our page here;

Pink Party – fundraiser for SynerG’s new Artspace

We missed last year’s Pink Party so we’re gonna make up for it…with a summer Pink Party on June 8th at Woods Studios and Sideshow Studios…two levels of fun, pink, and pleasure!

The proceeds of the event are going to fund SynerG’s new Artspace ( and the 64Arts/Reverbia theme camp at Burning Man 2012!

The dress code is strictly pink, and both floors will be bumpin’…amazing DJs and special guests downstairs and live music and chillin’ upstairs!

Serious fun, not to be missed…

Tix (presale only!):
Fan page:
We look forward to seeing you in the pink…

mOOseman 2012 (Ontario)
Celebrate our annual Regional Event @ mOOseman 2012 in Minden, Ontario on Thursday, August 2, 2012 at 6:00 PM to Monday, August 6, 2012 at 4:00 PM (ET) for a long summer weekend of gifting, music, performance, workshops and more!
**Please email [email protected] for any questions about the event or to get involved!
Visit us at
Attend the event on Facebook:
Tweet us @burntoronto


Just a reminder … this moderated BM Vancouver Announce-list is one-way communication about local burner inspired and official Regional happenings, which can include parties, gatherings, fundraisers, camp activities, art projects, etc. and may also include information passed on from BMHQ, BRAF, and BWB.
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Want to let folks know about a fire spinning or hooping workshop?  Got an idea for a sewing party?  Just feel like having some burners over for a night around a firepit or as company at an Art Walk? Reach out and invite!

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