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  • Loads of Burn in the Forest News!

    • Tickets & Important links

    • Calling all Fire Performers and Fire Techs

    • Next Regional Ranger Training June 9th

  • Callout for ARTery volunteers on playa

  • June 17-23: The Cascadia Burn

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    • Next weekend: Vancouver Mini Maker Faire

    • June 16: Car Free Vancouver Day

Hey, tickets are on sale – do you have yours yet?

Please be patient when purchasing, there can be a lag between when your ticket information arrives in your mailbox, and the time of purchase – please wait a couple hours, then if it’s still not there, get in touch with the registration team at [email protected]

  • LOW INCOME TICKET applications are due MAY 31st. You can find this application form at the ticket link above.
  • PERFORMERS – you can register and find more information about how to get involved at –
  • VOLUNTEERING IS SEXY. I want you to be sexy. Don’t you want to be sexy?

There are so many ways to get involved…

  • Why not be a RANGER – a 4 hour commitment at the event, and Ranger Training beforehand (next one June 9th see post below), OR a Greeter, OR help at Centre Camp, OR… check out the link to find out what’s available.

Have an idea that’s not on there – contact Luisa at [email protected]

  • ART GRANTS – The next round of art grant applications are DUE JUNE 1st. Need help writing your proposal, or more information? Contact Golden Saxomasaurus and he can help you work it out.
  • THEME CAMPS – Get on it! The application deadline for your theme camp proposal is JUNE 14th. Remember, the ART GRANT funding is available to help support you to create art for the event this also includes your theme camp – check out the criteria for a grant here -
  • ART PLACEMENT, WORKSHOPS – Do you have a big piece of art, or performance, or workshop that needs a lot of space or specific placement? Please apply to have your special spot reserved. The deadline to register is JUNE 14th (or the sooner the better!!)

*Calling all Fire Performers and Fire Techs!*

If you love to play with fire and have experience doing so….we want you for our fire show at Burn in the Forest!
Mystress Fyre is teaming up with Pyro-Mantis and together they are going to create another phenomenal show for all to enjoy!!!!!

On the Saturday night we’ll be doing a 10 minute show just before Tango’s Organ Burns! (yes, you read that right, Tango is burning his Organ!)

We welcome all performers and all skill levels to perform with us!!!! We just ask that you have had some experience spinning fire before hand 🙂
What’s expected of you?
A full day of sobriety on Saturday until after the show (no exceptions)
A 2 hour rehearsal on the day of (Saturday)
Your amazing sparkling selves!PLEASE NOTE::: There are no free tickets to BiTF. You may apply for a low income ticket here:

Who to contact?
Contact Pyro-Mantis::: [email protected]

Geoff ::: [email protected]

When contacting us, please give us a list of your tools and how confident you feel with them on a scale of 1-10. This is for our eyes only as we may not have met you in the past 🙂

We look forward to hearing from you SOON!
Mystress Fyre n Pyro-Mantis

Next Ranger Training June 9th !!

Please sign up if you want to reserve a spot. Send an email to [email protected]

With Burn in the Forest around the corner our second Ranger training is on the horizon. This is an excellent and very important way to contribute. If you’ve ever thought of being involved as a Ranger, then come out to the training on Saturday April 27th and join the team!Venue TBA
Time 12 noon – 5pm

We will cover conflict resolution, active listening, communication, rangering, and peer support.

Wrangler did a great job of explaining what we do:“As a Ranger, you will take responsibility to ensure people are having a good time. Just walk around and check out the action. Our gift is to mediate conflict using non-violent communication. We are an ambassador for the event and a source of information. We are the first responders and need to maintain communications within the event.”

As our events get larger and longer we need to build up our team. For a three day event, we need at least 24-30 Rangers, for a four day event, we would need over 40 people. That’s a lot of volunteers, and without your help we just won’t have the numbers needed to make sure everyone is safe and having a good time. So you can see how important it is to get as many people trained as possible.

We are combining peer support into our Ranger team so if you would like to be one of our peer support Rangers you will need to do the Ranger Training.

It is important to note that this is a Regional Training not an official Burning Man Training. This will allow you to Ranger at any of the Regional Events in and around BC.Even if you aren’t sure of your summer plans yet, come on out and get some training on what it is to be a Ranger. It is an afternoon full of great discussion and great company !

We need you to RSVP so we know numbers. Send an email to Andrew through [email protected]

Best wishes

Ranger Andrew


Calling ROCK STARS who work with ART and ARTISTS at Regional Events!

The scale of art at Burning Man is staggering both in size and numbers.
Have you ever wondered how we deal with all of the logistics such as pre-event artist registration, art placement, art support services and the hundreds of other details related to the awesome display of art?
Ever wondered how this all relates to your Regional Event and if there are any lessons that could be brought back to your event?
Ever wanted to meet all of the great artists who populate the Playa with all of that great art?

Well, we have something for you.
We are looking for volunteers and interns for the ARTery who are involved in the art process at the Regional level.

What is the ARTery?
Check it out here.

This would be a great opportunity to learn from each other and for us to find new folks who might be a good fit for our team.
Let us know if you are interested by emailing here and please make note that you are a Regional Art person and please indicate the Regional area you work in.
[email protected]
Thanks all!


The Cascadia Burn
Date: (June 17 – 23)

Information about the Gun Creek Campground:
Google Map of the area:
Facebook Event:
Facebook Group:

Hello folks,
Next month we embark on a little adventure to a spectacular location to finally Burn the Baboon Robot.
Last summer we made an attempt to renegade Burn on the edge of the city.
We came close, but not close enough.

So now we are heading to Carpenter Lake, to the Gun Creek Campground, where a 2km square area of open space awaits our return.
It’s a stunning location with a well kept campground next to it.

Being remote, no one cares what we do.
While we are close to Goldbrige BC, and just over the Hurley Road from Pemberton, we are far enough away from everything that we shall bother none.

I am dragging a very large sculpture in a full size school bus.
We have room for 6 people who want to split gas and enjoy a nice camping trip for a week.

Once there, it’s your playground.
If you want to help get the Baboon Robot there, drop us a donation to help with gas.
If you want to bring something to set up and make noise/music with…

Do IT!
Drop me line if you have any questions.
[email protected]
Napalm Dragon
(Instigator of the Vancouver Cacophony)


Website for local resources & info:


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