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  • Friday: Burners & Beers – May the Fourth Be With You….
  • Saturday: Vancouver CORE fundraiser: Crate Expectations – Steampunk Rags to Riches
  • Burn in the Forest Newsletter – lots of important info!
  • First Seattle Ranger Training May 11th
  • Full BM Vancouver Google Calendar: http://burningvan.ca/calendar

    FYI: Important BitF dates & deadlines are posted in the Calendar! Search on “bitf”


Burners & Beers – May the Fourth Be With You….

Maverick’s Sports Lounge

BACK ROOM ONLY (main part of the restaurant is fully booked by A&B for a private event)

Friday May 4th, 2013 6pm onwards

395 Kingsway at 12th

RSVP & invite your friends: https://www.facebook.com/events/642366849114125



Crate Expectations – Artifactuary Fundraiser (Steampunk Rags to Riches)



Saturday, May 4, 2013, 9:00pm until 2:00am

VIVO MEDIA ARTS CENTRE 1965 Main Street, Vancouver, BC V5T 3C1


A limited number of paper tickets for Crate Expectations are available for sale at Why Knot’s curiosities for those who don’t want to purchase online but don’t wait, both paper and online tickets are selling fast and we don’t want you to miss out! Get Tickets (http://artifactuary-efbevent.eventbrite.ca/)


Shine up your brass gun, polish those knee-high boots, dust off those goggles, it is almost time to dress up in your steampunk finery while supporting an astounding, interactive art project. We need your support to bring our vision to life and to the playa!


We have a wicked dance space jammed full with amazing vibes and floor throbbing beats. We have a stellar DJ lineup for you including Kevin K, Boom Human, DJ Tango, BToxic and all the way from Seattle DJ Diem.


Our burlesque show will have your goggles popping off your noggin and leave you begging for more. And just when you think you can’t take any more awesome in one evening, we will be drawing for several prizes so grand that your brass buttons might just pop!


So please consider us as your Saturday night destination for fun!! You’ll be supporting community art, and one heck of an awesome burn on the Playa! (Seriously, we can’t wait!)

Follow along on the Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/Artifactuary



Listen up! BitF has a few important announcements for you. About….

  • Tickets (delay in sales!)

  • Equipment Call Out

  • Volunteering

  • Art/Theme Camp/Performer/Workshop Placement & Registration

  • Deadlines info


Ticket Sales Delay…

Ok folks, guess what?

We’ve decided to make BitF 2013 feel as much like ‘home’ as possible, so we’ve decided to throw in a ticket sales glitch. 🙂 Seriously, though –

This year the payment service system is being transferred to a more robust system. It’s a more efficient system and you will have more ways to pay – including direct payment and credit card options. It’ll make your ticket buying experience just as smooth as silk…. BUT, the process is taking longer than expected to set up. So, you won’t be able to buy tickets until a little later in May – most likely this weekend (May 4).


Of course we’ll announce the exact date as soon as we know!


Low income applications can be made to registration using  http://burnintheforest.com/registration-contact/

Deadline May 31st.



The BitF Production team is looking for equipment donations for the event.

The more we can keep keep production costs down, the more funding we’ll have for Art Programs!

So, if any of you have, or have leads on, any of the following equipment that BitF can borrow –  from July 11-14th – please send correspondence to Benjamin Feagin Jr., by Facebook or by e-mail at: benjamin.feagin@elementartdesigns.com


We do have a rental agreement we will forward you in order to book the equipment.


*Please do not commit equipment to the production team that is needed for other camps.*


We are currently seeking FROM A FULLY INSURED AND SERVICED ORGANIZATION! (living document):

  • RUV or other small mobile transportation device we can use to move equipment around

  • Generators (Silent only, as Temporary Power)

  • Radios


We are currently seeking FROM ANY COMMUNITY SOURCE (living document):

  • Temporary Structures (must be complete sets and undamaged).

  • Vehicles \ Transportation Services To/From Site for Equipment and/or people in a pinch.

  • Fuel (Gasoline, Diesel, Propane, and Fire Performance Fuels).

  • Power Distribution Cabling, Panels, and Components.

  • Forms of Larger Capacity Potable Water Storage than House-hold Sizes.

  • Tools for Construction and Landscaping (Proposed to be kept in a Tool Shed Temporary Structure).

  • Wristbands (GIFT, must not have text).

  • Printing Services (GIFT).

  • Legal Services (GIFT).


Thank you all for your considerations, and we look forward to hearing from you!



Yes, please volunteer. BitF needs YOU to pull it all together and there are limitless ways that you can give your time to the event. Remember, it is YOUR event and YOU create the magic for all of US. So, polish up your wand and manifest some volunteer time.

Contact Luisa at [email protected] and she’ll make the magic happen.



If you want to register a theme camp, art, sound camps, workshops and performers, you can do so through the BitF webpage. Go here and get on it:http://burnintheforest.com/placement-registration/



A list of important deadlines can be found at: http://burnintheforest.com/important-deadlines/

Dates are also posted in the BMV Google Calendar! Search on “bitf”.

Of note:

  • TOMORROW!: Wed, May 1st: GVIAS grants deadline for large scale art projects.
    For more info, eligibility criteria, and to submit your application, please visit: www.burnintheforest.com/about-bitf/art-grants

  • Fire Art submissions deadline – May 3rd

:::BitF CONNECT:::

First Seattle Ranger Training May 11th

Interested in participating at Burning Man in a unique and interesting way?  Want to *REALLY* get to know Black Rock City? Ready to profoundly and intensely engage in the Burning Man community?

Easily identified by the logos on their khaki shirts and the laminates around their necks, the rangers are participants just like you, who act as non-confrontational community mediators, facilitators of public safety, providers of information, and navigators of the edge of chaos.


If you have been to Burning Man at least twice before, you are cordially invited to attend a Black Rock Ranger Training and check out one of the most double-super-throw-down cool, fun, and interesting groups on the playa. If  you’re excited about rangering, but don’t have the Burn experience, drop us a note and we’ll tell you about how to become a regional ranger.


The first Seattle ranger training is coming up on Saturday, May 11th at the Wedglake House: 9403 27th Ave NE from 10 AM-5 PM. If you can’t make it on the 11th, there will be another chance later in the summer, but  keep in mind that there will not be a Black Rock Ranger training at Critical NW this year.


IMPORTANT: Before coming to a training, you MUST have signed up,  filled out the volunteer questionnaire, read the manual and passed the post-quiz. We have an increasingly large amount of material to cover, and we need everyone to be familiar with it coming in.

IMPORTANT: Alphas and first year rangers need to be at the training at 10 AM. 2nd+ year vets need to be at the training by 1:30. This is new from last year. Vets are of course also welcome to show up earlier for the ARTs.

Phew! That’s a lot of info! To recap:

Questions?  Send ’em to [email protected].

See you at training, and see you out there in the dust!

Roslyn and the Seattle Ranger training team



Website for local resources & info: http://burningvan.ca

BMV Announce archives: http://burningvan.ca/category/bmvannounce

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