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  • ReCharge News
  • GVIAS AGM this sunday
  • BitF Producer Announcement
  • BitF Effigy Call-Out
  • 4th Annual MadSkillz Vancouver – Juggling & Flow Festival is back!
  • Sat March 9: Electro Tea Party
      • Sun March 10: Daylight Saving Time Begins! The clock moves ahead (= losing one hour)
  • Sun March 10: GVIAS AGM
  • Sun March 10: Pancakes and Jam – Five
  • Sat March 16: LepraCON

ReCharge News

Reminder for the artists submission deadline  –  TOMORROW – 1 day left!!  March 8th.

Bring an idea and a budget – that is all you need and a commitment to bring it to BitF.

We can help you flesh it out, the community can give you ideas at ReCharge, you can meet other artists to collaborate with!  You can find more information on the website:

Ticket Information: $15 per ticket.  $10 goes to  the artists for you to choose.
NOTE: NO DOOR SALES! Ticket Information

Sunday, March 10, 2-6 PM (1:30 mingle)
689 Abbott Street, Vancouver (Abbott & Expo Blvd)

(reminder: Daylight Saving Time Begins! The clock moves ahead (= losing one hour).

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Hello friends of GVIAS!
Anyone wishing to become a member of the society before the AGM, must now do so in person at the AGM. Please arrive at the meeting early and register by 1:45pm, giving the board the opportunity to approve the new members before business begins at 2pm.

BitF Producer Announcement

The Board of Directors of GVIAS would like to announce the decision for producer role for Burn in the Forest 2013:
The producers of the event will be Delyse Ledgard and Benjamin Feagin!!  This year we have two co-producers!
For those that applied – thank you!  This is the first year we have had such a great turn-out and we appreciate all of you for stepping up and your contributions to the community in the past.  We hope that you will find a role in another area of the event this year and would encourage you to apply for the other roles as they become available.  Thank you to the events committee for the vetting and interview process.
A special thank you to Delyse for her continued dedication and an excited welcome to Benjamin and his enthusiasm moving forward!
See you in the forest!

BitF Effigy Call-Out

Effigy Designs Wanted for BitF 2013.  Deadline April 1st.

Do you have an awesome design for the effigy at BitF ?  Were you inspired by last year’s spinning mushroom ?

We are looking for an individual or team to build this year’s effigy.  You will have a budget of $700 for a structure no more than 20ft in height.  It can be anything that you think represents our community.
All designs that fit the criteria will be presented at a Town Hall Meeting in April for the community to choose the final design.

For more information and application form :

Breaking Wave Documentary available online
Alrighty folks – here it is , the documentary completed and online to view – complete part 1-4, the whole thing, the Breaking Wave from beginning to burning.

Thiis project represents (in what I feel) is the spirit of the Vancouver Burners to produce a piece of epic art, have the intestinal fortitude to bring it down to the Black Rock Playa and to have the drive, focus, force, motivation and follow through to build it in one of the most difficult places on earth – then to let it go to burn.   To bring a piece of BC (and Japan) across international boarders and three state lines over mountains, through valleys to take the ocean to the desert.

Hopefully this inspires you to do your own art at BRC or get onboard with someone elses project
and to the Breaking Wave Crew – you’ve raised the bar baby

Watch the Documentary on these links

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

4th Annual MadSkillz Vancouver – Juggling & Flow Festival is back!

It will be happening this year from June 20th through June 23rd. YES, that’s right we have a whole extra day of fun this year!!

4 days of open gym, 3 days of workshops, 3 Cabaret performances, a late night dance/flow/juggling party, games, prizes and some of the most eclectic skillz you have ever seen.

The MadSkillz Vancouver features some of Vancouver’s finest jugglers, hoopers, flow artists and ground-level circus misfits, who have banded together to develop and showcase their mad skillz! This is our fourth time around, and we are back with more madness and craziness.

Find out more at:
Website for 2012:


Website for local resources & info:

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