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  • BM Tix: The Burner Profile! SIGN UP ASAP!
  • Burn in the Forest – July 11-14
  • SOAK* The Portland Regional Burn – July 18-21
  • Critical Massive Dates will be announced ASAP!
  • http://burningvan.ca/calendar coming up this week:
    • Wed night: Crazy8s 2013 Kickoff Party
    • Sat: LightWaterDrums Festival 2013
    • Sat: eatART’s 5th annual Wavelength
    • Sunday: Pancakes and Jam – Take 2
    • Sun: Dim Sum & Sun Yat-Sen

Burn in the Forest News – July 11-14


SOAK* The Portland Regional Burn
July 18th – 21st, 2013 :: Prindel Creek Farm
SOAK* is a multi-day interactive arts festival and camping event in Oregon with lush meadows, creek for swimming, and wooded trails. This is a place to meet your fellow Portland Burners and get a taste of Burning Man Northwest style. SOAK* features participation, fire performances, art, DJs, live music, a pageant, theme camps, workshops, Friday night burn and Saturday night main effigy burn.


Seattle’s Critical Massive Dates will be announced ASAP!
Attention all Critical Northwest participants:
The dates for Critical have not yet been set but we’re working feverishly to get our venue on lock-down and settle on exact dates. As soon as we know, so will you!

Is it possible that Critical will conflict with Burn In The Forest or SOAK? Well, yes, it is a possibility that will depend largely on what dates our venue owners can give us. But rest assured we’ll do everything we can to avoid conflicts / overlaps.

Stay tuned as we’ll be bringing Critical Information as soon as we have it. In the meantime consider heading over to http://www.criticalnw.org/ and sign up for Critical Announce to get all the latest dropped right in your inbox.

Burning Man Tickets: The Burner Profile! SIGN UP ASAP!

The new Burning Man Burner Profile tool is up and running smoothly with over 7,000 registrants so far!
To register and snag your preferred username, please visit http://profiles.burningman.com/.
*Remember, those wishing to participate in 2013 ticket sales must have a Burner Profile.*


The Burner Profile is a new system to help facilitate the flow of information we regularly collect from Burning Man participants for ticket sales, theme camp and art installation registration, mutant vehicle applications, What Where When submissions, and other things that people do and create for Black Rock City.

Initially, the Burner Profile will be used as part of the pre-registration process for ticket sales to Burning Man 2013. To create your profile and pre-register for access to ticket sales, the only information you’re *required* to provide is your first name, last name, email address, mailing address and birth date. That’s it … the same info required whenever you buy Burning Man tickets.

Eventually we’ll be expanding the use of this new platform to offer additional features. So, the more information you put into your profile, the more value you’ll get out of it. Those of you involved with creating (and registering) projects for Burning Man are quite familiar with the wealth of information we collect year after year in order to process your registrations, and we want to make that whole process easier for YOU and for US by leveraging information stored in your Burner Profile.

And in the glorious vision of our future, we believe Burner Profiles will help facilitate communications around on-playa and off-playa volunteer activities, give us the ability to provide targeted communications that are pertinent to you, and offer single-sign on account management to access all of the Burning Man information systems that you work with.

Your information will be private and will not be shared — nor will it be searchable on the internet. (For more details see our Privacy Policy:http://www.burningman.com/index/privacy_policy.html)

We’ve long dreamed of having this kind of system in place in order to simplify and streamline our processes. We’re pretty certain it will make your overall Burning Man experience smoother and more enjoyable, and provide you with a nice reflection of your role in creating Burning Man culture at the same time.

Any questions you might have about the Burner Profile will be likely answered in our FAQ http://profiles.burningman.com/faq/, and if not, please use the Contact Us link on the dashboard of your Burner Profile.


Website for local resources & info: http://burningvan.ca

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