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  • Burn in the Forest Art Fundraiser
  • Burn in the Forest Producer Callout
  • Vancouver CORE project going for it
  • Calendar highlights – see full details at
    – This Sat: Electro Swing CIRCUS II
    – Sun Jan 20: Vancouver CORE meeting #2 – Ranger Training for Vancouver Burner Events

Burn in the Forest Art Fundraiser

Website Information –
Stay tuned for details and mark your calendar for the March 23rd, 2013 event.

  • A new way to get more of you creating art projects for Burn in the Forest! YES!
  • A new way for your friends and the community to support you by voting with their dollars? YES!
  • In-person crowd funding with an art auction, a bar, and a sweet party? YES!

Inspired by the successful art fundraiser concept used by the ‘Alchemy’ event, USA’s biggest Burning Man Official Regional event taking place in Georgia, USA, a group of local burners have decided to launch a similar tradition here in BC.

The new program is designed to allow established and novice artists alike, to present their art project to the local Burner community, and that community in turn can vote with their dollars to support the projects they wish to see come to Burn in the Forest in a form of crowd-supported fundraising format.

The fundraiser provides an opportunity for the following:

  • Artists present their ideas to the community
  • Artists and participants have a chance to connect, learn and look for ways to get involved
  • Artists get funds up front by the end of the evening to start building their creation
  • Participate in an Art Auction with lots of cool stuff to buy, with proceeds directed at the artist of your choice
  • Everyone gets to decide where their money is allocated, and each artist’s fundraising status is displayed in real time
  • Hang out, socialize, and party!

Calling all Artists!
Do you have a vision for something awesome to bring to Burn in the Forest but need to raise some funds?  We want to help you raise the minimum it will take to bring that vision to life.  All you have to do is submit a proposal to us and prepare a presentation for the art fundraiser event.
Deadline for applications is March 1st! To see the criteria for the proposal visit

Team Leads
We are looking for enthusiastic and talented people to join the Art Fundraiser Organizers team. We are particularly looking for someone to fill the following roles:

  • Communications/marketing
  • Sound Stage/DJ schedule
  • Bar

If you wish to volunteer for a team lead position or just volunteer for the door, bar, set up/tear down please contact the volunteer coordinator.

Pass this on to artists in your circles & RSVP via the facebook event page:

Burn in the Forest Producer Callout

It is that time of year again when the Greater Vancouver Interactive Arts Society looks to one of YOU to produce Burn in the Forest. Burn in the Forest is Greater Vancouver Interactive Arts Society’s annual multi day summer event. The Events Committee for the Greater Vancouver Interactive Arts Society is interested in receiving proposals from potential producers co-producers or even those that want to learn to produce, with unique and creative ideas for Burn in the Forest.

Anyone who is a member of the Greater Vancouver Interactive Arts Society who would like to bring their creativity and ideas to produce this event can apply. Not a Member? Then pop on over here and sign up

Deadline: January 31, 2013
Event Date: July 11, 12, 13. 14, 2013
Location: Squamish Valley Campground

Where to Submit an Application: Burn in the Forest Producer Application
Remember the deadline for applications is January 31, 2013. You are not alone and you
will have a team of volunteers to help you. Should you have any questions please feel
free to contact the Events Committee at: [email protected]

If you want to read up on the roles of the production team have a look here:

We look forward to seeing all the creative and fabulous ideas you have for 2013!

Vancouver CORE project going for it
Over 20 members of the community met this past Sunday to discuss the possibility of creating an effigy to be a part of the CORE project. We’ve decided to go ahead with an application, and have an initial design idea in the works!
If you’d like to hear more and get involved in the project creation, our current hangout is in a Facebook group. We will create a googlegroup chat list after the next meeting, once some of the key roles are assigned.
Please read the minutes from the meeting here:
Join the Facebook group here:
Stay tuned for details of the next meeting, happening Sunday January 20th.


Website for local resources & info:
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